How to clean silverware: tricks and mistakes to avoid

But, fortunately, there are many simple and much cheaper alternatives to the classic silver cleaning products: the so-called "grandmother's methods", fast, ecological, effective, economical and, above all, harmless!

The home methods to clean silverware in a few simple steps

1. The Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a foolproof tool if we want to make our silverware shine! Using it for this purpose is very simple: to make the white patina disappear from your precious objects, you simply have to rub your toothpaste over the object to be polished for 3-4 minutes (you can use a toothbrush), repeating the operation. until the desired result is achieved. Afterward, just rinse your silverware. It really works!

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2. Salt and Aluminum

Get an aluminum container (for food), fill it with boiling water and add 1 or 2 teaspoons of salt. Place your silverware inside the container and wait an hour. Afterwards, dry everything with a soft cloth. Thanks to a chemical reaction, your silver will shine again!

3. The vinegar

Mix hot (boiling) water and two tablespoons of vinegar and immerse your silverware in the bowl for about an hour (depending on the degree of oxidation). Finally, dry your precious items with a cotton cloth. Remember that vinegar is an excellent ally for cleaning the house!

4. Bicarbonate

Another do-it-yourself remedy is the use of baking soda. All you have to do is bring to a boil the water containing a tablespoon of baking soda (one per liter). Once boiled, turn off the heat and soak the objects to a few minutes and then polish everything with a soft cotton cloth. If necessary, repeat the operation until you reach a satisfactory result.

Mistakes to avoid

Now that we have seen what are the home secrets to clean our silverware quickly and economically, it is time to find out what we absolutely must not do!

1. Avoid using wool cloths or other Intertitre materials

Use only pure cotton or microflora cloths to clean your silverware. By using other materials, in fact, we could cause damage to objects such as scratches and scrapes!

2. Clean the silver with your bare hands

The first mistake to avoid is, without a doubt, to clean the silverware without the help of cotton gloves. Human sweat contains acids that can ruin your precious objects and, moreover, you will leave unsightly fingerprints on your silver. signs that will compromise your cleansing activity.

3. Do not dry the objects well

Attention! Never underestimate the drying phase of your silverware! Take care to dry your silver well to avoid that the wet object in contact with the water oxidizes again.

4. Do not wash stainless steel items together with your silverware

Avoid combining silver items with stainless steel elements. Also avoid "mixing" them with plastic products. Because? Because you will risk a harmful chemical reaction that could damage your silverware!

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