How to put on mascara: 8 tricks for a wow effect!

As you know, putting on mascara is not always easy. In fact, reality often does not come close to our expectations and the photos of models and stars with irresistible eyelashes seem to us just a distant mirage. Yet with the right tricks, you can indeed achieve a result with a wow effect. How? Here are eight flawless moves to follow to the letter to apply mascara to perfection and show off a look at the top!

1. Choose the right mascara!

First, here's the most valuable tip: choose the right mascara! If you don't start from this step, all the following tricks will be almost useless. The ideal is a mascara with a volumizing and lengthening effect, which at the same time strengthens the lashes and makes them more full-bodied and soft. Banned the effect of dry and rigid lashes! What we need is a mascara that follows the sinuous movement of the lashes to accompany and emphasize their natural curvature. Mascara Paradise Extatic by L "Oréal seems to be right for us: thanks to its creamy formula enriched with nourishing and strengthening oils, it is able to perfectly bring out the lashes, making them soft and silky and at the same time avoiding lumps and smudges. . The application is made easier by the soft and flexible bristles of which the brush is made, which allows us to spread it more easily, without causing damage. Finally, it has an irresistible packaging: a refined and ultra-chic rose gold, definitely unusual in the super black world of mascara.

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2. Leave it as the final step of eye makeup

Mascara is to be considered the final touch of eye make-up, so it's better to leave it as the last make-up step. This way you can avoid ruining it with pencils and eye shadows.

3. Clean the pipe cleaner well

Before proceeding with the application, remember to clean the brush well. This simple gesture will help you to avoid as much as possible the risk of smudging and above all unpleasant lumps.

4. Throw away the mascaras that are about to run out!

Warning: by cleaning the brush, you can immediately realize the state of your mascara. If it's too dry, throw it away! It cannot in any way adhere to your lashes, which on the contrary will be dry and stiff.Very often we tend to use mascara indefinitely, but it is a bad habit that does not do our eyelashes honor at all.

5. Apply the mascara in a linear way, following the curve of the lashes

In many cases, zigzagging is recommended, but this method slightly complicates things and increases the possibility of errors, smudges and lumps, especially if you are not really a beauty addicted. Everything is much simpler than it seems: take the brush and apply the mascara from the base to the ends of the lashes, exerting light pressure to accompany the normal curve of the lashes. Then repeat the gesture maximum three or four times - with a not too slow movement - also based on the intensity you want to give to the make-up.

6. Now apply it to the lower lashes

Do the same with the lower lashes. But be careful: being generally shorter and less thick, apply less pressure and proceed with a lighter touch. Here you can also think about using it vertically, that is, placing only the tip of your mascara on the lower lashes for a more natural effect and above all to avoid excessive smudging.

7. Let the mascara dry

Before proceeding with some other steps of your face makeup, wait a few seconds. You have to let the mascara dry well so as to prevent the lashes from sticking together or creating unsightly smudges.

8. Clean the smudges with the cotton swab

In case you have done some small and very remedial damage, proceed now with the final step: take a cotton swab soaked in make-up remover, or even simply with a little water, and pass it on any smudges and small spots. point your trick is done!

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