How to masturbate a man: 10 tips to get the situation in your hands!

If a few years ago sex was basically limited to the missionary position and kissing, today there are endless ways to enjoy and please your boyfriend. One of these is male masturbation, a practice that is older than fire (probably) but which women find difficult to practice for fundamentally anatomical reasons. That's why we're going to give you 10 foolproof tips when it comes to masturbating a man. It may sound theoretical and not very sensual, but in practice success is guaranteed ...

Today it is talked about more, in an attempt to break down the taboos on masturbation, and the benefits it has on the personal and couple sphere are thus clearer.

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1. The right position to masturbate a man

Kamasutra doesn't help much in terms of masturbation techniques. However, a correct posture will make the difference between an awkward job and an experience that will take you to the height of ecstasy. You can try different positions and then ask him which one he likes best. The first thing to check is whether he likes to stand or sit more. This is something he has to decide, or leave it to the situation you are in.

First, you need to be clear about your point of view. Don't be afraid, try different variations first, without fear of changing your position to find out which one has the most effect, his breath and his face will give you the best clue. The best thing about masturbation is that feeling of mastery over it: you will be the active part. You decide what will happen and how it will happen, and he will love it!

Another thing you can do is grab him from behind. That way you can let his imagination and fantasy run wild and, since you decide how far to go, he will be devoted to you. the act, you will be able to create a more intimate and sensual experience. Be careful, however, with too much pressure or squeezing the testicles, it is best to do it only if he asks you to.

2. The secret in a man's masturbation: spontaneity

The best thing about masturbation is that it is easy to perform anytime, anywhere. This makes it the perfect technique in situations where a quick response is needed. We are talking about those situations where you want to indulge your own. partner giving him immediate pleasure You can do it anywhere: at home, in the lift, in a parking lot ... But if you give free rein to your passion, make sure that nobody sees you!

You can also keep it warm in the shower. Enter with him, hold him from behind and, with a little foam in your hands, massage him gently.

Spontaneity is a very sexy thing, so don't be afraid to surprise your partner whenever you want. To find out if she feels like it right now, start with a game. Lightly stroke his thighs, slowly open the zipper of his pants. If he doesn't do anything to stop you, it means he can't wait to do it.

Another place to try is in the car ... Try these positions and find out how comfortable and sexy they can be.

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3. Use your whole hand!

You are already in position, now is the time to figure out how to grab her sex. It is not absolutely necessary to use all five fingers, because having a free pair allows you to play: use three fingers for the upper part and the lower two for the testicles - this way your partner will feel more in contact with you. Don't forget that the best manual pleasure, like sex in general, isn't just about the penis.

Most men like to feel pressure while masturbating, but remember that you are holding one of the most sensitive parts of your body, so don't try too hard. If you're not sure how much pressure to apply, use different gripping techniques and watch her reaction. Or, even easier, ask him if he wants you to make it harder or softer.

4. Constant pace

Time to get it and get started. Move your hand in a steady motion until you understand how he likes it. Start with a slow, gentle movement and watch his reaction to the change in pace to make it a little faster, but not too fast, unless you see he likes it. Many men prefer a stronger movement the farther away the hand is. from the body and softer as it approaches the root of the penis. However, it can cause pain if the skin is too tight. So be careful to pull!

The best way to find the right rhythm is to let your partner put their hand on yours and guide you in doing the movement they prefer, at least the first time.It is important not to lose your rhythm or strength once you start, because it is this repeatedly performed movement that will bring you to the climax. If you want some advice on how not to lose the constant rhythm, try to follow the rhythms of the music with these songs to make love.

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5. Use both hands!

If you want to be a pro, you need to leverage your multitasking skills. It may seem difficult, but you will get there in no time. Put one hand on his member and with the other pay attention to his nipples or his testicles: stroking and massaging them can lead your partner to a very intense orgasm. These are highly erogenous zones, but make sure he likes you to touch them. both, because there is nothing too right.

6. Particularly delicate

Anything that reduces the friction between the hands and his penis must be considered. The use of oil or lubricant reduces the discomfort the boy may feel and will increase the desire and desire to play. If you choose to lubricate your penis with gel or oil, you will make your movements more intense and pleasant, more sensitive and less demanding with better results. With one of these products you can also rub the glans, perhaps the most sensitive (and potentially pleasant) area of ​​the male body - try it!

7. Games and toys

Sex toys, or some accessories for everyday use, will help you a lot to stimulate the different areas. Try a vibrating ring or just play with textures - caress the penis with a velvet glove or an oiled hand. In addition, there are various sex toys for men, and more specifically for penises, which allow you to lengthen your erection or stimulate it in different ways. If you add these toys to some of the hottest erotic games, the fun and novelty are guaranteed.

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8. Discover your erogenous zones

No two men are alike and no two men who like exactly the same thing. However, if we generalize, there are a couple of common pleasure zones that you should be aware of. One is the tip of the penis, as just mentioned, and the other is the perineum, ie the area between the penis and the anus. With a little pressure you can stimulate his G-spot, the prostate. This way, getting him to an intense orgasm is a matter of time. And by the way, try the bikini line too, many love it.

9. Stronger?

Novels like "Fifty Shades of Gray" have focused on an increasingly common fantasy: hardcore sex. If you and your boyfriend want to try it, don't hesitate to find out more about these practices and start from scratch. If your boyfriend likes this kind of practice, he'll love it if you masturbate him harder than conventional, so try squeezing harder, squeezing his testicles, or nibbling his neck and nipples while touching him.

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10. Create the perfect atmosphere

Your partner will immediately notice how it feels to please him in a non-reciprocal act, and this can affect his enjoyment. It is very important that you take it seriously and that you think that even if you do not feel pleasure now, he should also provide it to you during your relationships.

Achieving a wonderful orgasm depends not only on the use of perfect technique, but also on what one feels and thinks during the act. Make sure you and your partner share the same feelings and always have special communication. Show him how you feel and express it in words, looks or gestures. In this way you can create an exciting, erotic and sensual atmosphere, and achieve maximum enjoyment with your partner of this and many other pleasures.

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Either way, the goal is for you to enjoy it fully and for him to feel like he is in heaven with you. So why settle for giving him an orgasm? You read that right, even men can have more than one experience.

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