Rock but chic: 5 tips on how to match the leather jacket without making a mistake

The leather jacket is one of the essentials of fashion of all time, which cannot be missing in your wardrobe. But how to combine today a garment so strongly characterized, and linked to the world of bikers and rock "n" roll? And above all, how to make a chic combination with a leather jacket?

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To find out, we provide you with 5 tips to follow, on how to match or NOT match the leather jacket, getting you closer to the chic look you are looking for. Discover them all below!
But before we begin, here are some curiosities about the history of the leather jacket:

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1. Avoid the total look

The first tip to combine the leather jacket is to avoid the total leather effect. Do not combine the leather jacket with trousers or skirts of the same material, to avoid a slightly outdated biker effect. And if the color of the skin is not black, but red, the "d" effect could even get worse! Even when you want to be rock, the basic suggestion is always: sobriety!

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2. Choose a slim fit jacket cut

To increase the sex appeal given by the leather jacket, it is important that it is slim fit, that is, tight enough to emphasize your shapes. In the case of the jacket, that is the jacket short on the hips, a slim fit creates a beautiful effect with whatever you decide to match it.

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3. Choose a basic model

The ideal model of a leather jacket is as simple as possible. To facilitate combinations and not to overdo the look, it is better to avoid leather jackets with rhinestones, with too many studs or even with fur collars. The more the leather jacket is basic, the more you can indulge yourself in combining it with different things, even pins or jewels.

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4. Discover the perfect match: leather jacket + skirt + heels

The leather jacket is perfect with jeans, of course, but if for once you want to try something different and of sure effect, choose this combination: leather jacket + skirt + heels, or alternatively ankle boots. The "rock" n "roll soul will still be there, but you will give that chic touch if you can only find the right skirt or dress. If you choose ankle boots instead of sandals and various high shoes, remember that with biker boots you will get a more rock "n" roll effect, while with ankle boots with heels you will have a more chic effect. Knee-high boots are not excluded, but be careful to choose the most sober pair possible.
The right combination to choose then depends on the occasions and places where you want to show off this look.

Check out some ideas in the photos below to get inspired!

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5. Roll up the sleeves of the jacket

To create a more interesting and dynamic effect, try wearing the sleeves of your leather jacket rolled up. The dynamic effect that will be obtained will make any look more lively and creative, even if you have decided to combine the leather jacket with jeans and a basic pullover. In this way you will show that you have imagination in the way you wear things even when your look is minimal!

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Not just black leather. Discover the colored leather jackets!

If you want to add an important variation to the classic leather jacket, and spice up the look even more, then choose a colored jacket. You can find them in all colors, literally, both from the most accessible brands and from the names of the great designers, just choose your favorite. Check out a nice selection of colorful leather jackets below.

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Do you still have doubts? Taking inspiration from street style in these cases is always a good idea. Discover the combinations with the leather jacket chosen by fashion lovers from all over the world in the gallery below, you may find some surprises and great ideas to repeat on your own!

Discover the most beautiful looks with the leather jacket

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