Libra ascending Aquarius: outgoing, creative and charming

The sign of Libra with an Aquarius ascendant tends to be a faithful sign. This obviously does not mean that those born with these characteristics never cheat on their partner but rather that in most cases they are not really inclined to cheat. In fact, there are signs in the zodiac that are much less faithful and lovers of escapades: restless, they get bored easily and always live in search of adventures, avoiding stable unions. Do you know what they are?

The zodiac sign of Libra: esthete, nonconformist and lover of social justice

The zodiac sign of Libra is dominated by Venus, a symbol of love and beauty. Its natural element is Air and its graphic symbol is the steelyard, which represents the right balance. It has an affinity with the other two signs of Air, Gemini and Aquarius, and also with two signs of Fire, Sagittarius and Leo. Those born between 23 September and 22 October belong to this sign. If you are of the sign of Libra, you are a charming, refined, elegant type, a lover of the new, unconventional and endowed with a very lively intelligence. You are an esthete, you have artistic talent, you love beauty in all its forms and you take care of your physical appearance very much at heart. Believe in social justice and often mediate to avoid conflict. You love consolidated and lasting romantic relationships. You are an empathetic, generous, optimistic and sociable person, always looking for a perfect balance.

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Libra ascending Libra: beauty and seduction

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Libra-ascendant Aquarius zodiac sign: a mix of ideals

Those born under the sign of Libra with an Aquarius ascendant are far from material interests, are attracted to humanitarian activities and fight for social justice, respect for the human being and for life in general. In fact, both signs of Air predispose to a good ability to communicate and understand the problems of others. They are generous and always ready to come to the aid of the defenseless. If you are a Libra with an Aquarius ascendant, you have a sensitive, charismatic, harmonious eccentric personality, always available to others. You have a romantic and idealistic temperament, innovative and enterprising and you love travel. You can communicate very well with grace and tact, attracting everyone's sympathies in a short time. You have a passionate and romantic temperament, but while being a supporter of a lasting relationship, you can quickly switch from one love to another. You don't want to be limited in your freedom and can't stand a jealous and possessive partner. At work you are very sociable with colleagues and collaborators. You strongly believe in true friendship.

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The characteristics of the Aquarius ascendant

A free spirit, he loves new things, abhors outdated traditions, is progressive, has a lively intelligence. He always has original ideas and this makes him attractive and fascinating. The Aquarius ascendant is sociable, respectful and selfless; gives a lot of importance to friends, as long as they are not too intrusive and deprive him of his freedom, an essential element for his psychological well-being. This is why he is very selective in choosing the people he can trust and to devote himself to with the utmost availability. An Aquarius ascendant in love is always a little afraid of losing his freedom and his spaces; especially as a young man he only experiences undemanding and short-lived stories. To really fall in love he must meet a partner who attracts him not only physically, but above all intellectually, who conquers him for his strong personality and does not limit his innate need for freedom and independence. He has a good predisposition for creative professions, related to research or the aesthetic sector, which do not limit his inventiveness and originality. Meeting new people stimulates him a lot, as well as experiencing unusual and adventurous situations.

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The influence of the Aquarius ascendant on the other signs of the Zodiac

The Aquarius ascendant asks for greater autonomy and freedom from the signs of Fire. In union with the sign of Aries, it gives life to a charismatic, self-confident, determined personality. The Fire of Aries prevails over the ascendant, a sign of Air, in the couple relationship, very passionate, but always with the necessary freedom and autonomy. In combination with Leo, the artistic sense and ideals of the Air sign mix with the willpower and ambition of the Fire sign, giving rise to an egocentric personality, but with greater mental openness. In love he seeks fiery passion, but also "intellectual fulfillment. In combination" with Sagittarius, freedom, the desire to make new experiences and new friends wins. The sign of Fire meeting the sign of Air becomes more of an enemy of social conventions, opting for originality and non-conformism and rejecting the rules that find no logic. Even in love he looks for an independent partner like him.

It infuses the signs of Earth with vitality and a desire for novelty. To Taurus, sedentary and determined, he gives originality and creativity and greater dynamism and optimism. In this accomplice combination, solidarity and independence will blend easily in sentimental relationships. The eccentricity and progressivism of the ascendant influence Capricorn, making it less rational, more eager for novelty and originality, even if always tenacious and decisive in its actions. In love, this Earth sign always feels a strong call from the family unit, even if the dependence on the loved one is balanced by a greater desire for autonomy. The Virgo's intellectual rigor is also streamlined by the creative and idealistic spirit of the ascendant. The sign of Earth acquires creativity, genius and inner freedom. It does not offer a lot of sensuality to the partner, but infinite dedication and care.

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The Aquarius ascendant also pushes the Air signs towards greater autonomy, sometimes making them more indecisive and even more changeable. Gemini, under his influence as an ascendant, shuns solid and lasting relationships for fear of having to give up their freedom. Gemini with an Aquarius ascendant undoubtedly have an expansive personality, open-minded, free from prejudices, who knows how to exploit his charismatic charm to make new friends. He often demonstrates restlessness and fickleness, combined with mood swings. If he is ascendant of his own sign, therefore Aquarius-Aquarius, usually a doubling or downsizing of his strengths and weaknesses occurs. Much depends on the level of socio-cultural evolution of the individual. However, it is a libertarian sign by vocation, whimsical, eccentric, obstinate. Seek love, but as long as you never have to give up your independence.

The Aquarius ascendant brings socialization and self-confidence to the signs of Water. The ascendant's good communication skills and his expansiveness strengthen the emotional sensitivity of Cancerians. The Air sign gives him greater self-esteem and the ability to socialize. The strong attachment to the family of the sign of Water and the innate desire for freedom of the ascendant are somewhat in conflict. The sociable and cheerful soul of the ascendant softens a little the enigmatic and reserved side of the Scorpio, facilitating his relationships with others. The result is a particular personality, intellectually lively, with good organizational skills. In love he believes in eternal love and fidelity, but forgives disappointments with difficulty. The ascendant with his passion for news and friends greatly stimulates the creativity typical of Pisces and makes their introverted character more sociable. His iron attachment to his partner in the life of a couple also pushes towards greater autonomy.

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