How to get up and train on winter mornings when it's cold: Runtastic tips

Considering the month we are in, it is normal that temperatures have suffered a drastic drop from north to south of the peninsula. And when the alarm goes off in the morning, the only desire that touches us is to turn it off and continue to enjoy the warmth of the duvet rather than get up and do the morning workout.

But winter does not necessarily have to become that time of year when we put on extra pounds (only to regret it) or lose the hard-built motivation in the previous months, just because the temperatures require a few extra layers of clothing. In addition, you don't need to leave the house to get a perfect body: thanks to our Runtastic Results app and its short but intense workouts, you can work on the whole body directly from the living room, when the cold and gray of the morning do not tempt you. to go out; download it now for iOS or Android

But here are some tips to be motivated even when the thermometer goes down, making the most of this period of the year.

Try sleeping in your tracksuit.
This is one of those things I do often! When it's cold, the last thing I want to do is get ready and get dressed to go to the gym in the morning. Turning the other way and pulling the covers over my head would be the most spontaneous thing, but if you are already wearing gym clothes (which in theory should be comfortable enough to sleep in) then getting up becomes easier and doesn't require too much. mental preparation: you just have to start.

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Set an alarm that is fun or pleasant.
Instead of “Wake up”, try changing the name to “Well woke up! Don't be lazy, you won't regret it! ”. You can use all your creativity and write something you know can work on cold winter mornings.

If you can, set the coffee pot at the time you get up.
In the morning, there is nothing that can get you out of bed like a cup of freshly brewed coffee (or tea). When I was still living with my parents, we had one of those coffeemakers and kettles that can be set at a certain time so that the drink is ready for when you wake up. I assure you that this appliance can have miraculous effects for those who are not exactly a morning person. If you do not have such a tool, you can prepare the coffee machine or the kettle the previous evening so that in the morning it will be enough to press a button

Plan your workouts.
This is a very useful and very effective tip for anyone who is not super enthusiastic about exercising (at any time of the year). If you have in mind which muscles you will need to train and which exercises you will need to do, you will be more likely to continue with the training. By putting the appointment with physical activity on your agenda - and in your head - it is easier to get up and start, even for those who are already used to playing sports. Try to think, “Tomorrow I train the triceps and the lats; I'll train on the rowing machine, do bicep curls and pull-ups ”. If it helps you, you can also try writing it.
If you use our Results app, you will automatically receive predefined workouts for your level of preparation.

Train with a friend.
If you know you need to meet a friend for morning training, you cannot forfeit. Accountability is a great incentive that helps you stay consistent; I know some people who train regularly 4 or 5 times a week with another person because it helps them not to lose motivation. On those cold mornings when there seems to be no reason to train, a friend waiting for you will give you the right boost.

Sign up for a group course.
This point is very similar to that of responsibility. Enrollment in a course pushes you to commit more not only for the expense incurred but also for the commitment you have towards your classmates. When I was a teacher in group courses, I noticed that the participants were much more numerous when the weather was good while the situation changed radically during the cold winter days. At the next lesson, some said "We missed you during the last lesson" or "Please, see you tomorrow" because the participants become a team and as a team member you want everyone to participate with consistency and commitment.
Try any or all of these strategies: try to stay motivated to train in the morning during the winter months, so you don't have to overdo it just before summer arrives.

In collaboration with Runtastic.