Asia Argento and Max Gazzè, affectionate hugs and complicity. Is it still love? Photos of the couple!

A year has passed since the world of gossip focused on the alleged flirtation between Asia Argento and Max Gazzè, never really confirmed by the "eccentric actress and director or by the Roman singer, and now, after some time, the two have met again. and they were quite intimate.

In fact, the two artists were photographed outside a cinema in the capital, and greeted each other with an intense embrace, which lasted several seconds; moreover, the 46-year-old bassist has shown himself to be very affectionate towards Asia's son, Nicola, who was had by his ex-husband Michele Civetta. Misunderstood, recently presented in Cannes, and is the Roman singer still tender? Or is it the "affection of two exes who loved each other? For now there are no other rumors, we await the next developments.

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Asia Argento and Max Gazzè