Golden tan: 5 tips for a radiant and even complexion!

With the arrival of summer, one of the pleasures that we just cannot give up is giving ourselves a nice tan, which gives us a more relaxed and fresh air, making us even more beautiful in a completely natural way. But let's face it: getting a tan is not enough, you need to get a good tan! Who, in the first heat, would not want to show off a "golden and uniform tan, which lasts a long time and makes us shine like never before? The answer is obvious, but it is just as easy to succeed in the" enterprise: just know and put into practice a few small super effective makeup.

But then, how to get a "golden and lasting tan? Below we reveal 5 simple secrets to be kissed by the sun in the right way and to show off a" golden tan "that lasts a long time and gives our skin a radiant look. and flawless!

1. Choose the right protection!

It may seem trivial to you, but this first point is undoubtedly the most important aspect to take into consideration. There are those who think that tanning and sun protection are two opposite and irreconcilable worlds: nothing more wrong! Protection is not only essential to protect the skin from UV rays, but it is also essential to ensure a bright and flawless complexion that lasts for a long time.

Vichy Protective Sun Waters SPF30 are the ideal product for those who want to adequately protect the skin and have a "golden tan. With a fresh and light texture, the new Vichy products, designed in three variants, are made up of a two-phase water-in-oil solution. , enriched with active ingredients of natural origin to perfect the skin under the sun, making it fresh and hydrated and protecting it effectively. The biphasic solution, which includes an aqueous phase (52% of the formula) and an oily phase in which mainly the filters (UVA / UVB / UVA LONG), allows to guarantee the skin high protection and hydration. Its application gives an immediate sensation of freshness and lightness, leaving the skin hydrated even in contact with salt water or water added with chlorine; not only that, the spray has an invisible texture, it is not sticky, does not grease or leave residues, and is resistant to sweat.

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The advantages of the scrub to keep the tan longer!

As mentioned, there are three formulas devised by Vichy, each of which responds to precise and specific needs. Each formula is characterized by a common base, composed of 3% glycerin - with moisturizing properties - and 0.1% vitamin E, with a strong anti-oxidant power, to which is added an active ingredient of natural origin specific for each. of the three variants:

1. Intense tan - as the name suggests, this formula is ideal for lovers of an intense and lasting tan, and sees the addition of an active ingredient, beta-carotene.
2. Moisturizing - the moisturizing formula, perfect for those who take a lot of baths and want to hydrate the skin and stimulate its brightness, sees the addition of hyaluronic acid.
3. Anti-oxidant - this formula, which adds blueberry polyphenols to glycerin and vitamin E, is instead ideal for those who want to combat the signs of aging.

2. Prepare your skin with a scrub!

If protecting yourself during exposure is essential, it must be said that to show off a self-respecting tan, it is also necessary to prepare the skin for the sun. Like? For example, by making a body scrub, so as to eliminate dead cells, free the pores, making the skin more beautiful, smooth and spotless; in a nutshell: ready to be kissed by the sun. Remember to do it a few days before the exposure, to allow the skin time to regenerate.

You can opt for a do-it-yourself body scrub, with natural ingredients, just like the one we suggest in the following video, perfect for revitalizing the epidermis, energizing it. What do we need? Integral Himalayan salt - living raw material rich in trace elements - passion fruit oil, with emollient and nourishing properties, and rice starch, to make the recipe more soothing, also suitable for the most sensitive and easily reddened skin.The addition of a drop of pine essential oil - with its energizing and revitalizing power - will make our scrub really perfect! If you have particularly dry or sensitive skin, you can also replace it with lavender essential oil, with soothing properties.

3. Expose yourself to the sun in moderation and avoid the hottest hours

Choose an intelligent exposure and avoid the hottest hours of the day, from around 12 to 16. Also remember to apply sunscreen several times during the day, and don't forget to do it even if you are in the shade, under the umbrella or if it's a cloudy day. The sun's rays filter in the same way and you risk getting burned. Even after long baths it's best to apply another sprinkle of sunscreen, so you can be sure you are taking care of your skin properly.

4. Take care of your skin even after exposure

We reiterated the importance of taking care of the skin before and during sun exposure, but let's not forget about the after! After our day in the sun and a nice refreshing shower, it is good to moisturize our skin in the best way so as to nourish it effectively and avoid it being too stressed. Therefore, treat yourself to a beauty pampering, essential to help the skin not dry out or peel and to better prepare for the next exposure, always equipped with the right and indispensable sun protection!

5. Help yourself with nutrition too!

Do you think it ended here? But no! There is another foolproof way to help our skin tan intelligently. This time, however, from the inside. In fact, there are foods that can help us to show off a golden and uniform color, allowing us to tan well and faster.

It is above all the yellow, red and orange colored fruits and vegetables that make the difference: rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene, they play a fundamental role in preparing our skin to welcome the sun in the best way. Perfect therefore oranges, carrots, apricots, melon, watermelon and red fruit, which in addition to the benefits described, also contain antioxidants. But also vegetables and green vegetables play an essential contribution in this sense: for example, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower which are rich in selenium, with a strong antioxidant action.

Start introducing these virtuous foods consistently starting at least a month before your exposure: you will soon see the benefits! Also remember to drink at least two liters of water a day; you can also opt for fresh herbal teas, juices or fruit centrifuges.

Here is a gallery with all the "tanning" foods to stock up on for a "golden and lasting tan!"

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