Makeup for brunette women: 20 make-up ideas perfect for dark colored faces

Intense tones on the eyes and more delicate on the lips: these are the most suitable beauty trends for women with brown hair. For brunettes, in fact, decisive eye shadows, iridescent textures and warm colors always win, which illuminate the complexion and underline the look.

Blue and white, gray, purple and all shades of bronze are the best choices for those with brown eyes and hair, perhaps to be contrasted with a nude effect lipstick or a delicate blush. And then again eyeliner and smoky eyes, better in shades of blue or with a golden or metallic effect, and orange or pastel pink colors for the lips.

Here are 20 perfect make-up ideas for brunette women!

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1. Retro effect eyeliner

Vintage is not an exclusive fashion trend! A makeup that combines a simple and delicate cat eye with a perfectly applied strong color lipstick gives elegance and sophistication even to the simplest looks! For brunette women it is particularly nice to add a metallic touch, preferably bronze, or gold like this golden eyeliner by Maybelline New York available for € 6.46.

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2. Orange-red lipstick

An orange lipstick is ideal for girls who love to be daring and always be in step with beauty trends! This color is particularly beautiful on brunette girls because it makes the face even brighter and more sunny! The only downside is that this shade is more suitable for summer and autumn. For winter, perhaps it is better to focus on earthy colors with pigments more towards red and than yellow!

  • For a spring look, we recommend the light orange lipstick enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen Collistar on offer at € 8.30 (51% discount)
  • For a summer and autumn look, you are free to dare! You can focus on very bright and luminous colors to meet tanned skin! We recommend the long-lasting orange lipstick L "Oréal Paris which has a slight metallic touch towards gold (you can say a satin effect!). It is on offer on Amazon and costs only € 11.50 (11% discount). If, on the other hand, you don't like metallic effects, you can only invest in strong colors and for that, you need a long-lasting lipstick with excellent coverage. Maybelline's Coral Tonic lipstick has an ultra bright color and is definitely the best option in the world. this case! Buy it now for only 6,93 €.
  • And for a winter look, try to focus on dull orange or brick red colors like the Revlon pearl effect lipstick on sale on Amazon for € 6.90.

Before proceeding with the reading of the article, we recommend this video in which you can follow the steps to prepare a scrub to put on the lips before applying the lipstick.

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3. Kajal on the eyes

A smoky eye makeup made with kajal is even more gorgeous in brunette girls who possess a piercing gaze. There are two ways to create this look: you can make an elongated horizontal design that makes the eyes even more important, that is, the protagonists of the face, or you can opt for a more delicate and classic style combined with a pink or nude lipstick. Our advice is to find a kajal or a quality pencil that is able to create your look without smudging or staining the skin too much. So a kajal from a renowned brand like Collistar - buy the kajal on offer at € 11.30 (35% discount) - or an automatic pencil from a reliable brand like Rimmel - buy the automatic pencil on offer on Amazon for 5.90 € (34% discount) - are optimal for reproducing this style.


4. Lips on delicate reds

Ideal for every day, this look simply serves to emphasize your features by adding a point of color where it really matters: your lips! Therefore, a pink or red lipstick (brighter in summer, slightly darker in winter) makes your face glow naturally. Attention! a look for every day does not mean precarious! It is important to choose a long-lasting, moisturizing and protective lipstick that is able to care for your lips throughout the day such as Clinique's Chubby Stick lipstick: a product enriched with castor oil, Jojoba oil and shea butter. On Amazon you will find different colors, all on offer with a discount of up to 30%! Our favorite is the number 5 red lipstick on offer on Amazon for 15.90 (29% discount). Light, delicate and perfect for every day!

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5. Smoky eyes in shades of blue

A blue-toned makeup is mainly used to contrast the warm colors of your face and hair, so even in this case we recommend that you make the eyes as the protagonists of the face. This look is to be avoided, however, in girls with blue eyes, because it can make everything very monochromatic. Also avoid lipsticks with strong colors, because the point of light is already abundant on the eyes! We recommend a compact eyeshadow palette with different shades of blue such as the Color Riche palette by L "Oréal Paris for € 12.23 on Amazon.

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6. Preppy and bon ton make-up

For very feminine girls who like a light makeup suitable for every day, a delicate cat eye made with a quality eyeliner and a beautiful and lively red lipstick is definitely the perfect choice. In this case, the skin must be made perfectly, so a quality primer combined with a long-lasting foundation are the perfect mix to have a flawless look! We recommend Revlon's best-selling Photoready Perfecting primer available on Amazon for € 8.90 and Amazon's top-of-the-range foundation with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars: Maybelline New York Super Stay liquid foundation on offer for € 9.94. (28% discount)

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7. Marked black pencil for intense cat eye makeup

This is also a case of a bold look where the protagonists are the eyes! The skin and lips obviously remain sober to give space to the design of the eyes. We recommend the L "Oréal Paris gel eyeliner set - on offer on Amazon at € 9.50 (40% discount) - because it contains 3 boxes of product (high durability) and a professional brush for precise application.

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8. Illuminating lip gloss in delicate shades of pink

Novamente a natural and perfect look for every day. Here too the idea is to keep the skin and eyes clean and in shades of pink and beige if you are lighter or bronze and brown if you are darker. There are no secrets in this case, otherwise look for the best products to achieve this. If you think that this means investing a lot of money with luxury products, beware! This is not the case! Amazon on beauty is very strong and offers several products of renowned brands with excellent value for money and many offers with unmissable discounts! some ideas we found to create this look:

  • Oil free moisturizing primer enriched with vitamin C and E Becca Cosmetics - buy at 34 €
  • Clinique matte effect mattifying foundation and oil free - buy for € 32.92
  • Collistar intense black mascara - buy for 16,22 €
  • Revlon moisturizing lipstick - buy for € 7.90

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9. Play with the white and blue on the eyes

Playing with eye color is interesting if you prefer light lip makeup but want to add a pop of color for a special evening. The Big Love metallic palette from Make Up Revolution has different shades of blue and purple and brown which guarantees that you are able to create this look and many more! - buy for € 14.19

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10. Silver glitter eyeshadow

Are you ready to shine? This is a bright, bold and perfect party look! Plus it's super simple to reproduce: just a nice foundation together with a metallic glitter eyeshadow and lots of mascara.
Buy the gel to fix glitter for € 4.99
Buy the set of 4 colors of glitter for € 15.53

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11. Eyeshadow in warm shades of gold

The gold version makes the look bright and sunny, it is an excellent makeup idea for the summer, for a beach party or for a romantic dinner on a warm evening! In general, making it is quite simple: since there is enough light in the eyes, a tinted base or BB cream together with a lip balm is enough to keep the face hydrated and healthy.

Buy the gold glitter on Amazon for € 6.99

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12. Bright red lips and blush in warm tones

This is the ideal makeup for playing with tan and copper and gold tones! It looks especially good on olive-skinned girls because it makes the face glow and also allows you to create some contouring. The bronzing powder needs a lot of attention, though: the pigment needs to be long-lasting, easy to apply and its golden or copper glow needs to have a gentle air for the look to be natural. We recommend the Natural Bronzer blush from Rimmel on offer on Amazon at € 8.95 (25% discount).

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13. The metallic eyeshadow in bronze tones

Bronze eye makeup is beautiful for chestnut women with light eyes, as it makes for a gorgeous and bright contrast. The look becomes even more sexy together with a light shade of black with eyeliner or a kajal and lots of mascara! To create this look, all it takes is a palette of metallic eyeshadows that point towards an earthy hue. We recommend the Cherry My Cheri palette by L "Oréal Paris, because it goes beyond the bronze shade and offers other shades of pink, orange and brown, ideal for brunette girls and beautiful to use on different occasions! - Buy on Amazon for 19.99 €.

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14. Nude-toned lipsticks

Contrary to what many women think, nude lipstick can help you create a natural, elegant and extremely bold look! Brunette girls can have a lot of fun with all shades of nude, because the hair color contrasts with the lips, avoiding the dull effect that can happen to blonde women. The nude lipstick leaves room for a beautiful smoky eye enhancing even more the face and creating an ultra-sexy look! Maybelline's Super Stay matte liquid lipstick is perfect for creating this look! Buy it now for only € 8.81 (12% discount)

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15. Shiny lipsticks in shades of red

If, on the other hand, you are the type who likes to have soft, luminous lips with a "kiss me now" effect, glossy lipsticks with a greater focus on red help to enhance the natural beauty of your lips and also help to keep them hydrated for longer! A moisturizing lip gloss, for example, produces the wet look and at the same time protects the skin of your lips. - Check out the best lip glosses on offer on Amazon.

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16. Sophisticated eyeliner combined with a nude look

Since in this make-up the protagonist is the cat eye design, it is important to keep the skin and lips discreet, focusing on nude and beige shades the cat eye in this case requires high precision and therefore, a high quality product that guarantees that the look won't drool! The eyeliner is the key element to draw eyes flawlessly. If you are not very expert at drawing it, the Sanfilippo eyeliner - on sale on Amazon for € 14.95 - contains a small stencil to help you create a perfect design without too much effort. Perfection!

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17. Palpate them with orange colors

We recommend this look for the summer: if made with coral or orange shades, this composition on the eyes makes your face colorful, bright and in step with the trends! Once you apply the eyeshadow with a soft and light effect, you will not you need nothing else! We love Arcancil's pearl-finish coral eyeshadow. Buy it now € 12.42

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18. Lengthened lashes and light makeup on the lips

To create this look there is only one word: false lashes! If you are not a big fan of lashes that are glued with a specific product, don't worry! There are new models of false lashes that are attached with magnets! They are more ecological, and avoid the unpleasant sensation that glue produces.- Check out the offers available on Amazon.

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19. Smokey eyes with golden reflections

And finally, a golden look paired with neutral skin and long, thick lashes create a Cleopatra level style! This makeup is great for both light-eyed and dark-eyed women and the dark shade around the eyes creates a luminous effect that enlarges the look and makes it more open!

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20. Pencil in shades of green

Green is always an excellent choice for browns, especially if you have brown-green eyes. Whether you have dark brown hair or more golden, choose to enhance your look with a pencil in shades of green: sage, for example - more or less dark - it is perfect if you want to opt for a look with a super chic and classy effect. Even the emerald green, with a slightly metallic effect, is able to enhance faces and looks like few other colors on women with brown colors. In short, choose the shade of green that suits you best and conquer everyone!

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