Test: how do your classmates see you?

When the bell rings it's time to go back to class, and what would a class be if not a small world in which characters and characteristics coexist? In the classroom over time everyone takes on roles, which are not always comfortable for us. Class dynamics, roles, newcomers, the relationship with teachers: an independent microcosm. Watch this video first, maybe you'll need it if you want to look your best at school, and then take our test to find out how your classmates see you:

Test: how do your classmates see you?

Even if you don't get along with everyone at school, the class turns into a big container, inside is everyone's journey. The teachers guide this journey and the classmates complete it. Personalities are formed through comparison and each one has its own small role. So how do you appear to your travel companions? Here is the test to find out:

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Based on how you are, find out what school diary you are with our test! Take the test!

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