2019 shoe trends: these are the must-haves for winter

A fashionista is always ahead of the current fashion. And this means that we are already turning our attention to the main 2019 trends. Now that the most important fashion shows in Milan, New York, Paris and London are over, we know exactly the models, colors and materials that the designers propose for the next year.

A brief spoiler before going into the details: in 2019 we will have to put the "sock" style boots and the animal print shoes back in the closet. As for shoes with metallic effect and chunky sneakers, on the other hand, they are still super fashionable. In addition, fringed models and hiking sandals will be an absolute must-have next year.

Higher and higher in the ranking: shoes with thick soles remain super sought after in 2019

Chunky sneakers, also known as "Dad's Sneakers" or "Ugly Dad Shoes", this year have beaten our resistance and have become mainstream. Since spring 2018, fashionistas have been proudly parading with her weird looks that mix pure glamor with the touch of audacity and (why not) comfort provided by these uncommonly designed sneakers.

The success has been so strong that these sneakers are entering their second successful year in fashion with something more: now that we are getting used to it, 2019 will bring even more elaborate and captivating models. The possibilities are so many that exploring the 90s with a touch of modernity will be a must: therefore, no more Buffalos or Dr. Martens. This is the time to look for a vintage with something new!

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Fila leather sneakers

While many are skeptical, these platform sneakers are extremely versatile. For example, they are used to give that more aggressive and casual contrast to a super elegant ruffle dress or a leather skirt full of details. But this model is also excellent when paired with "mom jeans" - especially models made of leather like this one from Fila are ideal for all kinds of occasions.

In these shoes all the emblematic details of the chunky sneaker trend are concentrated: the design, the sole, the colors available ... it is a model that really cannot be missing in the wardrobe of a true fashionista!
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The pointy shoes are “too 2016”, now the must-have are the square toe shoes

Before our shoes were never sharp enough, then they came back round and now they become square, making us remember how beautiful those models used by our beloved Samantha Jones in the first season of Sex in The City were.It doesn't matter if it's boots, sandals or décolleté, in 2019 our toes will finally be comfortable and our looks much more original!

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For an important and super look in step with 2019 trends, try to do like the influencer Leonie Hanne: create an important look by pairing the square toe shoes together with a pair of skinny leather pants and plaid-style patterns.

Obsel square toe ankle boots

Made of patent leather with fabric lining, these ankle boots are also ideal for rainy days. The 7cm square-shaped heel is very comfortable for any occasion.

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Long live the Hippies! Fringes are among the main shoe trends of 2019

Do you love fringes? then this is your time: next season we will have an infinity of fringe shoe options. Whether it's high heels, boots or sandals, fringes have been seen on every runway from New York to Paris.

It is true that combining them is not the easiest task in the world, but it is a challenge that we are willing to accept. Considering that a fridge model has so many different elements, it is best to combine it with a simple short dress, black jeans or delicate ruffle skirts. But if you are someone who likes to dare, don't be afraid and let your imagination fly! You can create a wonderful look for the Galstonbury festival!

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Angkorly eco-leather sandals

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Trendy shoes 2019: the important trekking sandals

If you haven't had enough of the new ugly shoes aesthetic we have another tip for you. In 2019 comes yet another bold trend: hiking sandals, the ones you must have seen on the feet of thousands of tourists!

Yes, you heard it right: not only our sneakers, also our sandals will be ultra present in the next season. With a thick sole, with dominant buckles or with socks, hiking sandals will be the hit of next spring-summer.

The best way to match your chunky sandals? Preferably with the same references as the sneakers: you can use them together with a white summer dress or a midi skirt. If you really want to focus on the most dramatic trends, try to create a sporty-chic look by combining 90s-style cycling shorts and structured blazers.

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Rieker trekking sandals

We chose this model for its versatility and its materials. Made of patent leather and eco-leather, these trekking sandals are very comfortable and suitable for any style, being able to be combined with elements of sportswear, ruffled dresses and elegant skirts.

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White never goes out of style - white shoes remain in trend in 2019

White shoes celebrated their great return to fashion this year and will continue to be the protagonists of the fashion world during 2019. Currently white shoes, especially those with square heels, are, together with the important ankle boots, the favorites of trendsetters. between glossy, matte, satin and even shiny models full of glitter! The rule is simple: dare as much as you can!

See all the white shoe options available on Amazon.

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Find white eco-leather ankle boots

For cold days, white patent leather ankle boots are ideal because they protect from rain, mud and, of course, the cold. Wear them with super skinny jeans or with wide and modern sweatpants. Find's white eco-leather ankle boots are an excellent choice for those who want to dare but don't want to give up on comfort. They are also available in a metallic version and in a more classic black color.

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Find white mules

In the next spring-summer you can finally combine white shoes with something fresher and more romantic: floral ruffle dresses, colored chiffon skirts or denim mini skirts. But don't be afraid of the cold: these shoes also go great with colorful socks full of personality! We can't wait to try them on! These models of mules are extremely comfortable because they have a low heel that guarantees maximum stability.

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Keep shining: metallic shoes are the stars of 2019

All those who are not yet ready to remove their precious metal accessories from the wardrobe can breathe a sigh of relief. The sparkle that we started to love this fall will remain throughout 2019. No wonder, indeed! The yellow gold shoes, silver or rose gold will instantly make any look more modern and elegant.

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Find real metallic leather loafers

We've already seen here that moccasins can make any look that much more elegant. In this case we have a double effect, combining elegance with the trend color 2019. What more do you want? If you like the model, but the color is not for you, don't worry! This model is also available on Amazon in a red or black version.

See all the metallic shoe options on Amazon.

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