Self care routine to face the back to school head held high

Mothers and fathers listening, here we are: in September the bell marks the beginning of a new school year. If on the one hand this makes us happy, since finally the children can continue their educational path, leaving their parents free for a few hours, on the other hand there is all the bureaucracy with which it is necessary to fight, which often and willingly does not that make you nervous and stressed out. Between enrollment in classes, bookings for new textbooks, purchase of all school supplies, clothing and wardrobe replacement (yes, in the meantime they have grown!), It takes very little to get overwhelmed by stress. We have collected a series of tips to get out of back to school unscathed, but first watch the video below on the theme "parents and feelings of guilt".

The underlying causes of back to school stress

Becoming a parent is a "life changing experience, and it is also one of the most satisfying aspects of life itself, but at the same time it is a role that requires commitment and energy, to the point of being, in most cases, a source of stress. .
Too little is said about it, but in reality it is a factor common to many, in some cases passing, such as when it is linked to a phase in the life of the children. (e.g. adolescence) or at certain events such as back to school; in other cases, the stress is more continuous, but in any case mainly linked to the aspects that we list below:

  • the daily routine - managing the time of sleep or meals, accompanying the children to school or in the various daily tasks, following them in the time of homework, making sure that everything is ready for the following day and ... starting again!
  • sudden and unplanned events - quarrels between siblings or with classmates, the difficult character of one of the children, health or behavioral problems.

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Don't get overwhelmed by stress, take care of yourself!

Parents who manage to carve out moments for themselves by putting into practice a real self-care routine are also those who are able to manage their children better. We explain what to do with practical advice within everyone's reach.

Morning meditation
Wake up a little earlier than children's time, and do meditation: do not worry, 5/10 minutes will be enough in which you will be alone with yourself to relax body and mind. This practice helps a lot, even if many underestimate it: seeing is believing!

Breakfast in peace
If you can, try not to make your breakfast time coincide with that of your children. Even in this case, a quarter of an hour will be enough for you to calmly sip your coffee or the drink of your choice.

You can walk to school!
If the school is not too far away, take advantage of the beautiful days to accompany the children on foot: the walk will be good for everyone and especially in your case, the return walk will be a real cure-all for body and mind. You may decide to extend the ride and stop at your favorite flower shop to buy some to keep on the kitchen table. Don't underestimate the power of color and scent of fresh flowers!

Small and short-term goals
The central part of the day, while the kids are at school, will certainly be occupied with your work. A rule that applies both to work and to everyday life is to set goals that can be reached in the short term: only in this way can you reach them and feel satisfied. A few examples? Go out without the kids once a week taking turns with your partner, or simply focus on the positive things of the day at least once in 24 hours.

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Phone off (at least for a few hours!)
One of the traumas related to back to school for parents is certainly that of being included in the group chats of the class, which often turn into real dead-end labyrinths. Everyone writes something regardless of what the others are writing and demands attention. Let's face it, most of them are complaints: about the school, about teachers, but not only that, there are those who do nothing but praise their child by putting others in a bad light. All this only creates stress in the parent who finds himself inundated with messages. That's why our advice is to first silence the school chat and also turn off the phone completely in the evening, at least for a few hours.

A rejuvenating hot bath is all you need
The evening is the time when all the stress and nervousness of the day have accumulated, leaving you without strength and energy. What to do? After putting the kids to bed, it's the perfect time to take a warm (or lukewarm, depending on the weather!) Bath. If you don't have a bathtub, a shower will be fine too, but remember to use a few drops of essential oil in both cases to promote relaxation (the lavender oil is a real marvel!).

Mindfulness training for parents
Specific mindfulness courses are increasingly popular that focus on resolving parental stress due to many aspects of life with children, including back to school. They teach to recognize the sources of stress, in the first place, to act in a conscious and not impulsive way.

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