Ball and Barge: the youtubers who revolutionize our idea of ​​"curvy" (and not only ...)

From the passion for the 90s, combined with musical talent and an explosive charge, the project Palla e Bariatta was born, the combo of curvy singers ("curvy" as they understand it), which with its Youtube channel is driving people crazy. "Internet.
If on Youtube you are used to seeing girls juggling make-up, nails and hair dyes or strumming the guitar in the bedroom, we warn you: Manuela Tasciotti and Sabrina Bambi, aka Palla and Bariatta, have something in store for you definitely different ... and we invited them here to tell you about it.

What do you think the spread of the word "curvy" is due to? What does this mean for you?

Manuela: The word curvy was created to offer a non-offensive term such as fat or fat. Something that would embarrass both those who are overweight and those who find themselves "defining" it. What does it mean to me? Personally I do not feel offended by the words fat or fat because I weigh more than 100 kg so it is not an offense, it is a fact, like having blue eyes! I understand that, for those who live their pounds badly, perhaps because they are victims of physical or personal problems, it may not be pleasant, but I think it is always the ways that make the difference.

Sabrina: The term curvy is the 2.0 and gentle version of the "archaic and bulky" Plus Size ". Curvy sounds cooler and in step with the times, like curvy women and plus-sizes, which now, finally, are very much in vogue. For me curvy means a lot; in 5 letters it contains a way of being, a series of daily battles, many conquests, some defeats and a great goal: self-esteem and love for oneself, whatever our soft size.

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What are the difficulties and advantages that a curvy girl has?

Manuela: Well, physical difficulties, such as heart fatigue or back problems.
The human ones are obviously being pointed out, marginalized, not having the line of guys outside the door because they are aiming for the pussy on duty. These are the most common, although personally I have never tried any on my skin. Maybe my being overweight was a kind of awareness of my feeling good about myself and, in this case, nobody makes fun of you or pushes you away, because there is no taste in offending someone who does not manages to hurt.

Sabrina: We reveal the advantages to you in the video ... [see video below] Returning to the series, the physical discomforts are those listed by Manuela plus other dysfunctions that affect weight and which, often, are more cause than effect. Morally, I'm sorry that many women - beyond pleasing others - fail to develop their self-esteem because they are too busy despising who they are. Sure, the mass media and the press have improved, but they don't totally help. We, with our project, are "struggling" to get the volume on TV, and we are not talking about audio. Returning to curvy or plus-size women: you have to love yourself, obviously paying attention to your health.

What do you want to communicate with your videos? Why did you choose the ironic key to do it?

Manuela: Because irony is the key to everything. People are more inclined to reflect and understand if they are happy, and irony makes them laugh if you know how to handle it with care. If someone looks at you, listens to you and laughs WITH you, they will never laugh at you. Probably someone, watching our videos, will have thought that we are ridiculous, over the top, fat, ugly ... but there is. It's life, you can't please everyone. And luckily, I would add.

Sabrina: Yes, irony is a precious passe-partout. I like the idea of ​​communicating lightness of mind beyond a "bulky" body. Ok, the pounds are there and we should improve, but because in the meantime live badly? There are far worse problems in life, so why hate ourselves, that is, the first people you can count on? We chose ironic and zany videos also to attract more audiences, being in an "era in which trash is rampant, serious issues make little audience and frivolities go viral. Every aspect must be taken into account if you have goals.

Even a less attentive ear understands that you are not improvised singers ... How important is music in this project (and for you)?

Manuela: I was born as a singer. I have been studying singing for years. Then I attended a musical academy and have been working in the industry for 10 years, so music is part of my life. In this project, music matters as much as the lyrics we write, our looks, the way we deal with some delicate topics. It is part of who we are. Being “many”, we are a concentration of “many” things. And then it is with the music that people got to know us, so we owe them.

Sabrina: My mom dreamed, holding me in her womb, of giving birth to a daughter who loved music and so it was. I started out singing at village festivals and ceremonies; singing and banqueting have always been the best combo! Then I was hired as a vocalist and from there my curiosity towards art in all its forms started. Today I really like acting, but music remains my first love. I consider myself more an "interpreter than an" excellent performer, and I do not hide how live my favorite dimension is Music is the true universal language!

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How (and where) did the idea of ​​opening a Youtube channel come about?

Manuela: The Palla e Bariatta project was born from an "idea of ​​Sabrina, in which I took part 2 years ago. So I leave the floor to her ...

Sabrina: So, at the beginning, Youtube was only used as a "hard disk" where we can direct whoever contacted us or who we wanted to reach ... but then we were pleasantly surprised! A lot of people see and share our videos, and the best thing you know What is it? We currently receive lots of compliments and very few nasty words! This means that our message arrives! Indeed, if you want to subscribe, this is the Palla e Bariatta channel.

What long-term projects do Palla e Bariatta have?

Manuela: So many, we are a volcano of ideas! Some simple to make, others less so. Bear in mind that we live in two different cities and this doesn't help much, but we hear from each other every day. Now, through our channel, we follow and comment Beijing Express, renamed Pachino Express! We'll be on TV in January, but we can't say much about that yet ...
In addition, there is a new "format" in the pipeline on our channel. We anticipate that it will be about the world of dance and that it will be a lot of fun ... And, of course, there are always our musical parodies. In short, we have a lot to do!

Sabrina: We are working hard and with small steps to create a path that takes us (we hope) to the top and without regrets. We do not want to skip the steps, because we are very keen on the ultimate goal: retraining curvy women in the entertainment world. Years ago they were seen as an object to mock and we would like them to become more and more women with whom to laugh together and to appreciate (why not?) for style and appeal. The biggest dream would be to do the valleys in Sanremo 2019 (I love odd numbers)!

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And Manuela and Sabrina?

Manuela: parallel to the Palla e Chiatta project I proceed with my path in musical theater. I will be on stage in December, in Rome, in the musical The Christmas carol and in the matinees of All Crazy. And then auditions, auditions, auditions!

Sabrina: I wish for serenity, to always be happy with myself and with the choices I have made. To do what I am passionate about in a clean way, sharing the successes, if they come, with the people I love and who have always been close to me, especially in recent years, particularly dark from a family point of view. For me, sharing is important, especially that of intentions and feelings! As for Palla and Bariatta, I hope you will share our videos as much as possible, starting with this one dedicated to female readers!

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