The benefits of essential oils: why they are important in skincare

Among the latest trends in skin care there is certainly the use of essential oils, very precious aromatic essences already used in antiquity. Rich in anti-oxidant substances - such as vitamins C and E - they are often preferred to creams or other formulations for their nourishing and regenerating power.

In this regard, there are numerous brands that have launched their formulations based on essential oils for the well-being of the face.Among the latest additions we mention the Extraordinary Oil range of L "Oréal Paris, created by combining essential oils with precious natural extracts to obtain unique and multi-sensorial textures. The range consists of a Nourishing Oil-Cream, ideal for a relaxing and revitalizing massage. , and a Dry Oil, a precious beauty elixir with an enveloping scent that nourishes the skin lightly.

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But why choose an oil formulation instead of a normal cream texture? The reasons are varied and very valid and reside mainly in the fact that essential oils are in themselves very rich natural elements, with multiple beneficial properties, which immediately transmit a pleasant sensation of comfort and relaxation.

Not only. They are also perfect for those with combination or oily skin; it is in fact an urban legend without real foundation that which wants them to be difficult to absorb and even capable of aggravating the problem. In reality, in this sector, cosmetics have made enormous progress, with products with a high technological component which, while not greasing the skin like a normal oil, retain all its hydration and nourishment characteristics.

Furthermore, certain types of oils are absolutely valid for all skin types, because they are able to restore their balance. It is essential to choose the one that best suits your skin type and know how to dose the quantity (better if the pack is equipped with a dropper dispenser!).

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And since we are in the cold season, it is worth remembering that the skin in these winter months needs more care and nourishment than ever and essential oils are precious allies, being rich in fatty acids capable of protecting the lipid layer of the epidermis. .