How to water orchids: an elegant plant perfect for a garden or for your apartment

Orchids are a beautiful and sensual flower that is often given up for fear that they are difficult to grow. Not so: taking care of your orchid in an optimal way without any stress is possible even if you are not a gardening expert! If you love flowers and are thinking of getting married, well, the floral arrangement must be perfect. Watch the video and discover all the other essential things for your wedding!

  1. How to water orchids: a large family with with many species and varieties that usually need light
  2. How to water Orchids: the ideal climate for the best cultivation, when to water and how to care for your orchids
  3. · How to water Orchids: when and how they should be watered

How to water orchids: a large family with with many species and varieties that usually need light

About six hundred and fifty genera and more than twenty-five thousand species belong to the Orchidaceae family and therefore it is understandable how their origin extends to many places on our planet. Their many varieties have very different characteristics between the various species. Family, genus and species of a plant correctly identify it. Plant species that have precise similarities become part of the genus; multiple genders can be part of the large family group. The latter indicates the plants that have fundamental characteristics in common. The name of the species is given by two words that give general and specific information on the characteristics of the plant. Depending on the colors of the flowers and leaves, their structure, their form, the species can have different spontaneous and natural varieties.The cultivar indicates variations obtained through selections, the subspecies indicates a variety typical of some places indicated in Latin as the two names of the species.

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The hybrid is a variation of the plant, due to human intervention. The differences come from the way in which the Orchid plant is fed.Many of them are epiphytic or semi-epiphytic plants, that is, they have aerial roots and can also be born on rocks on layers of moss or on branches of other plants; some of them are normal plants with normal, terrestrial roots. An even smaller proportion of orchids have floating aquatic roots. The most numerous genus is that of Bulbophyllum, then Epidendrum, Dendrobium and Pleurothallis.

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How to water orchids: the ideal climate for the best cultivation, when to water and how to care for your orchids

The climate for the Orchid is very important: having been born and having evolved in a rather humid climatic environment, obviously if we want to recreate one similar to the one in which its genus has developed at its best, we must take its characteristics into account. . The climate of origin of the Orchid presents the alternation of the rainy season with the dry one; in the first the plant is recharged with water and nourishment, to be used and saved in the second. However, many of the Orchids on sale today come from greenhouses located in locations far from their real place of origin and therefore their current provenance must be considered to understand how they should be treated. The climate to which this exotic flower is accustomed is humid, warm, but above all bright: it is, therefore, a tropical climate, reproducible by us with waterings that are fundamental in the care of this precious plant, even if there is no lack of diversity among the various species of Orchid. Watering is very important for Orchids, as they, like many other species of plants, must be given the right amount of water; errors in watering cause damage to the plant and compromise the duration of its plant life. In the fertile season it is necessary to water it three to four times every week. Much depends on the state of the plant, whether it appears dry, not very alive or in excellent health. it can also, by means of a nebulizer, increase the humidity rate in summer. Instead in the so-called dry period you can reduce watering to once a week and eliminate spraying. For a good cultivation of orchids it is necessary to know well the techniques for its proper watering.

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How to water Orchids: when and how they should be watered

It would be preferable to water the Orchids in the middle of the morning. In this way, the humidity of dawn can already be absorbed by the plant and, therefore, it can use that of watering for the rest of the day. The nebulizations, on the other hand, it is advisable to carry out them during the day, but not late in the evening, as already at night the plant acquires greater humidity. Water the orchids when their soil is dry and as long as the plant requires. However, since the Orchid is usually placed indoors in the West, so as not to expose it to direct sunlight, the time in which it is given its dose of water is not a fundamental detail. An effective method for watering an Orchid plant is to immerse the pot in which the plant is placed in water for half an hour. Then you put it to dry in the open air for an hour, and then put it back in its usual position inside. With this type of watering there is a penetration of water up to the roots of the plant, which are very close and thick. By letting the water drain from the vase, there is no risk that water stagnations are created that could harm the flowers and leaves. If the irrigations are too abundant and daily, the roots could rot. None of its varieties require watering every day. Especially check if the soil dries out too much. In this way we approach the natural situation in which this plant is used to growing. Some species of Orchids are able to conserve water through certain organs. For example, if you have a Cattleyas or Oncidium Orchid in your home, let its soil dry completely before watering. On the other hand, Phalaenopsis or paphiopedilums do not have organs capable of storing it. In this case, you can water them before the soil dries completely.

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