Discover the low-heeled shoes that will make you look good without suffering too much!

Who said that to be elegant or attractive you need high-heeled shoes? In the past, even medium or low heels were synonymous with elegance, just think that Audrey Hepburn's favorite shoes were kitten heels, which in Italy we call spool heels.

© Alexandra Alberta Chiolo

In addition to spool heels, there are other types of medium-low heels, useful for getting up a few centimeters without losing comfort. Low or medium heels, then, are suitable for many occasions, even the most elegant and important ones. This is also demonstrated by the divas and celebrities of yesterday and today, the examples of the past and today's famous women, who today rediscover the value of low heels and their innate elegance. Check out some famous examples in the photos below!

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Celebrities who are passionate about low heels

Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, but also Carla Bruni, Michelle Obama and the Olsen twins. Discover all the celebrities who are wearing low heels making them return to the center of attention!

© web Audrey Hepburn

And now let's see in detail what are the most popular and easy to find types of low heels. The first choice, of course, is the spool heel, kitten heels with a very graphic and decorative shape. Then there are the square heels, also recently back in fashion after a great diffusion in the past: heels of medium or low height, with a square plant, which ensures great comfort, or in any case with a very thick heel. And then, medium or low heels which, however, have a classic shape, like a stiletto, but half or even a third long.

Discover them all below, along with the most beautiful models for each of the 3 types!

1. Kitten heels

Sinuous as a brace, the spool heels are reminiscent of the 1700s, and have become very present today in medium-low but high-elegance footwear.

© Pinterest Kitten Heels

2. Square heels and thick heels

Thick heels, which follow the shape of the under-heel, or actual square heels, are the most comfortable you can imagine. They are so solid that they are often used even for medium-high shoes. Discover here a selection of shoes with a thick and square heel, all to be desired.

© Zara Zara

3. Low or medium heels

Among the low and medium heels there are all those not thick or square that you have seen before, that is the heel sizes 3, 5 and 8 with normal shapes, thin like those of pumps or stilettos. You can find gorgeous models below, from the most desirable brands to the most affordable ones ...

© Asos Ted Baker mid heels

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In addition to Rockstud by Valentino, which has recovered the medium heel together with Dolce & Gabbana, already Louis Vuitton in its spring summer 2013 collection had recovered the shoes with low heels, thin and very geometric, all inspired by the "60s. You can see an example pictured below!

© Louis Vuitton

How to wear low heels?

Low-heeled shoes, and first ladies like Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni (now ex) teach, aren't just good for business lunches, or in situations that require more formal attire. They are the ideal even in more worldly, elegant situations (of course, Carla Bruni had to resort to them because she was too taller than her husband, former Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy ...). Discover below the most interesting looks with low or medium heels, and choose your favorite!

The ideal looks with low and medium heels

Now that we've seen some examples to treasure, here are some suggestions on the ideal looks to adopt with low or medium heels.

© Glam Radar Look with low and medium heels

Casual chic look

In the looks above you could see some examples of casual looks with low heels, especially with the combination of jeans and low boots or kitten heels. Here is an example to follow if you want your casual look to have a chic touch. L " example is illustrious, being Emmanuelle Alt. She chooses basic items to combine with each other: a gray t-shirt and black skinny jeans, but combines them with a tuxedo jacket and ankle strap spool heels. A good way is therefore to balance casual with chic, managing to combine the most urban garments with the most elegant ones.

© Glam Radar

Bon ton look

The slightly retro bon ton is the real kingdom of low heels, and especially spool heels. In that case it would be enough to imitate Audrey Hepburn: a little black dress, a great classic of all wardrobes, and matching kitten heels. wearing medium-height heels, this example below is the one for you: a tunic dress, which lengthens a not very slender figure from not very high heels, and maybe a coordinated coat.

© Glam Radar

Elegant look

To have an elegant look that is also ideal for some social evening, heels frankly count for little. If you choose the right dress, you just need to know how to play with colors and patterns, combining the best shoes, dress and bag. However, follow some precautions: if your elegant dress is long or medium length, and you are not particularly tall, choose medium heels instead of heels that are too low. This way you will harmonize the lines and shapes, and make a great impression!

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