The 5 unmissable books of the moment on sale on Amazon

The smell of printed paper, the sound of the pages when they are turned: reading is a magical moment.
Even in the super-tech era we live in, reading is still a favorite pastime for all ages.
For technology lovers there are e-readers, devices similar to tablets, designed to contain and read all your books in e-book version, that is digital.

But many of us still prefer the "analog" format or the good old book.
But in a world that goes so fast it is rare to find time to go to the library or bookstore and choose the right book.
This is why we have decided to help you save time (and a few euros) by recommending the 5 books of the moment on sale on Amazon. Choose yours and remember that give and treat yourself books is always a good idea!

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1. The Magical Power of Tidying - Marie Kondo


The Japanese Marie Kondo has developed a method that guarantees the order and organization of domestic spaces so effective that even Netflix has decided to dedicate a documentary to it!
Inspired by Zen philosophy, physical reorganization is a ritual that brings many benefits to one's life: it increases self-confidence, frees the mind, helps to free oneself from the past, enhances precious things, induces to make fewer useless purchases.

Buy on Amazon for € 11.81

2. Extraordinary Thoughts - NLP Beyond Techniques


NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a life coaching system according to which we can improve attitudes and ways of communicating. This book is a daily workout to increase your skills. Perfect both for those who want to know the world of NLP, and for those who have already traveled a little way.
If you are a "passionate about the study of human behavior, this is the right book for you!

Buy on Amazon for € 15.30

3. The kitchen of my house - Benedetta Rossi


Benedetta Rossi, known thanks to her Facebook page in which she offers videos of her genuine and homemade recipes, in this new book offers many simple and tasty recipes, with an eye to the seasonality of fruit and vegetables. Basic preparations, appetizers, appetizing first and second courses and many super greedy desserts: over 150 recipes to amaze friends and relatives every day of the year. never unprepared.

Buy on Amazon for € 14.93

4. The secret language of babies - Tracy Hogg


Tracy Hogg answers the thousand questions that a new mother asks herself every day in this book. The author teaches how to interpret the language of newborns by distinguishing the different types of crying and reading the movements of the body and helps the new parents to guess the wishes of their baby, thus establishing an intense relationship, transforming every small event into an "opportunity to get to know each other. better.

Buy on Amazon for € 12.75

5.My swear word coloring book


The first coloring book for adults with bad words, insults and curses!
Perfect to relax your nerves a little. A funny gift idea but certainly much appreciated. If you have a great sense of irony and you feel stressed, this is the right book for you! Sit down and just think about not coloring outside the edges.

Buy on Amazon for € 8.84 <

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