Fake freckles: 5 ways to create the trend of the moment on the face

Fake freckles are one of the hottest beauty trends of the moment: they all want to replicate the dark spots of melanin on their face that immediately give a "sun kissed" effect.

We have collected all the secrets for you to make freckles on your face quickly and easily, so you can show them off whenever you want and have a natural result.

But first, discover in this video an idea for a summer makeup.

What are freckles?

Freckles are small specks of melanin that appear on the face after sun exposure. Some people, especially those with fair skin and red hair, are more prone to this phenomenon.

When stimulated by the sun, melanocytes, the cells that synthesize melanin, produce more than they should and this leads to freckles appearing in the central area of ​​the face, but also throughout the rest of the body.

Those who are prone to freckles often hate them, while those who do not have them, would like them at all costs. How to do? We explain how you can reproduce them on the face so that they look extremely natural.

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Why are freckles so popular?

Fake freckles make the whole face charming with a touch of innocence in the look, that's one of the reasons why they are so loved.

If you are among those who have natural freckles, try to enhance them with makeup and not cover them with a foundation: enhancing them also means showing yourself in your naturalness and making yourself recognizable as well as unforgettable.

Like many other beauty trends, fake freckles are also born from the many Instagram videos: bloggers and influencers have fun inserting them in any make-up look to give an extra touch and make even a more intense make-up natural.

The secret? Combine fake freckles with natural make-up in order to intensify the soap and water effect, and give life to what is called "make up - no - make up".

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How to make fake freckles

There are many ways to have fake but super natural freckles. In this article we want to show you 5 easy to make directly at home.

Remember that before starting to reproduce the fake freckles you must have done the face base and also the eye make-up; in short, the make-up must be complete, the passage of freckles is the last thing to take care of.

1 - Eyeshadows and pencils to draw freckles

This is one of the simplest methods of creating freckles on the face. Just use an eyebrow pencil or eye pencil that is similar to your hair color or a slightly warmer shade.

After making the tip of the pencil, start drawing lots of dots in the area under the eyes and on the nose, after which blend with your fingers to prevent the marks from being too marked.

You can also do this with cream or powder eyeshadows: in this case you can help yourself with an eyeliner brush that you will use as a tip.

Fix everything with a veil of transparent powder. Remember that these are temporary freckles, they will go away completely when you remove your make-up.

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2 - Fake freckles with a toothbrush

The toothbrush can have a thousand alternative uses to oral hygiene: it can be used to make a lip scrub for example, or as in this case, to draw freckles easily.

In addition to the toothbrush, you will also need a small amount of hair henna. After preparing the henna cream as if you were applying it to dye your hair, dip the toothbrush, dump the excess henna on the back of your hand and then proceed to pat it on your face: you will notice that it will leave many dots that will reproduce the effect perfectly. freckles.

Remember, in this case, unlike the previous method, the face must be completely clean and make-up removed.

Let it dry completely (this will take a couple of hours) so you will have semi permanent freckles that will last up to a week.

If you choose this method with a toothbrush and henna, when you then decide to put on make-up, try to avoid the foundation in the area where it created the freckles, or, if you really can't do without it, after the face base, you can go and trace the specks with a pencil.

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3 - Self-tanner and fake freckles

We are usually used to spreading the self-tanner all over the face and body to have a uniform and golden color and to be able to wear skirts, dresses and shorts without fear.

The self-tanner, however, also has a different use, it serves precisely to reproduce freckles on the face. How? Cleanse and exfoliate your face, when it is dry and clean proceed with the following steps.

Choose a spray self-tanner and spray it in a saucer, then with a rather small pointed brush, pick up some product and create lots of dots in the cheekbone area and on the nose.

Before the spray dries completely, lightly blend each dot with your fingers. You will have recreated some fake, but super natural and above all long lasting freckles.

4 - Fake freckles with the stencil

Given the spread of the beauty trend regarding fake freckles, for some time now it has been possible to find some stencils on the market to reproduce them in a quick and super easy way.

What does this method consist of? A triangle-shaped sticker to place on the cheekbones and adhere well. At this point you will need to spread over a concealer a little darker than your skin, or use a cream eyeshadow. Leave on for a few moments and remove the stencil to observe the freckles.

Guaranteed and lasting effect for at least 2 days.

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5 - Tattoo the freckles on the face

A recently born beauty treatment following the trend of fake freckles is Freckling. Similar to microblading, but this time not applied to the eyebrows, but directly to the face.

Yes, that's just how you think: this is a real freckle tattoo. Micro-stitches are performed on the skin and a small amount of ink is released.

Since this is a real cosmetic operation, after having performed it you may see swelling in the affected area, do not be scared, it will pass in a short time. Once back to normal, the skin will be studded with many small spots that you have always wanted to see.

Plus, this is the only way to have fake freckles for 2 or 3 years!

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