The February 2021 horoscope: a month of love for the signs of air!

Aries: a lucky month!

Dear Aries, the month of February will be decidedly luckier than January from a sentimental point of view: since day 1, in fact, the passage of Venus in the sign of Aquarius will bring new enthusiasm and desire to love, helping you to put aside conflicts with the partner of the last period. Also for singles it will be a favorable period for new encounters. From a professional point of view, you can count on a nice Mercury, on your side for the whole month: together with Jupiter, it will guarantee success for your projects.

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Taurus: Don't act hastily ...

Dear Taurus, the month of February will be quite stressful for your sign, both in the sentimental and professional fields. From a business point of view, a Mercury in an unfavorable position will risk bringing a few more slowdowns to your projects, also creating possible conflicts with bosses and office colleagues. Jupiter, also in an unfavorable position, asks you not to act rashly. Even in love you will be required to be cautious, at least until the 25th, when Venus will return to smile at you. Don't make decisions you may regret ...

Gemini: hard to tell you no!

Dear Gemini, your month of February will be full of beautiful surprises! From a professional point of view, you will be able to count on a splendid Mercury - your protective planet - ready to give you a great persuasive ability and an enviable magnetism: your projects will be successful, also because it will be really difficult to say no! In love, until day 25 you can count on the planet Venus, which will support your love story, whether it is long-standing or not. Singles will have more than one opportunity to make interesting encounters and will know how to get noticed ...

Cancer: the serene is back!

Dear Cancer, finally the month of February will bring back some peace and serenity to your little heart tried by a rather stressful January as far as feelings are concerned! From day 1, in fact, the planet Venus will no longer be in opposition to your sign: little by little you will be able to solve problems with your partner or, if you find yourself single, to discover in yourself all the strength you need to start over. Mars in a favorable position guarantees you energy and determination, which you will know how to exploit to assert yourself even in the field of work.

Leo: what a stress!

Dear Leo, the month of February, unfortunately, does not bring good news for your sign, which is certainly not among the favorites in this early 2021 ... The opposition of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury will also be joined by that of Venus, which it will bring some more problems in the area of ​​feelings. Grit your teeth until day 25, when you can finally take a deep breath! Stress in the workplace will be skyrocketing, and the risk is to bring home the tensions of the office, which are difficult to shake off. Whenever possible, treat yourself to moments of relaxation all to yourself!

Virgo: make your heart clear!

Dear Virgo, the month of February asks you to clarify your feelings: sometimes you run the risk of dragging too far a relationship that you know is already over. Do not be frightened by loneliness and change: it is important at this moment to open your heart and speak clearly, because starting from day 25 the planet Venus will enter into opposition to your sign, and solving problems with your partner will be more complicated. In the workplace, don't expect big surprises: it's time to reap what was sown last year.

Libra: great emotions!

Dear Libra, the month of February opens with a favorable transit for your sign: starting from day 1, in fact, Venus will abandon the sign of Capricorn to move into that of Aquarius, ready to favor all the signs of air , including you! The planet of love, this month, will give you great emotions, helping you to overcome the crisis or tensions with your partner of the last period. Heaven is also lucky in the professional sphere: Jupiter and Mercury work together to give you new opportunities, confirmations or important allies for your projects.

Scorpio: it could be better ...

Dear Scorpio, your month of February, unfortunately, will not be the luckiest, both from a sentimental and professional point of view. Starting from day 1, the planet Venus will take an unfavorable position to your sign and will remain there until day 25: conflicts and discussions with your partner could get quite heated. Even at work you will experience some extra tension, especially if you carry out a profession in contact with others. Mars in opposition will make you feel pretty stressed, give yourself time only for yourself when you can!

Sagittarius: a top February!

Dear Sagittarius, your month of February will be very lucky! From day 1 to day 25 you can count on a splendid Venus, ready to favor you in the area of ​​feelings. Your love affair will make you feel fulfilled and you will have a great desire and desire to make plans for two. Even at work there will be good news: Mercury will help you find the right opportunities, while Jupiter will give a solid foundation to your projects so that they can soon go through: it is the right time to embark on a company that has been close to your heart for some time. !

Capricorn: the road is clear!

Dear Capricorn, starting from the 1st of February you will no longer have Venus in conjunction, but you don't have to worry about it: thanks to the positive energies of the planet of love, in the last period you have been able to give stability and strength to your relationship, and now you don't all that remains is to enjoy the fruits of so much dedication. In fact, there are many couples who will make important projects for their future together. Even from a professional point of view you will be able to carry out the projects that are most important to you: finally the road is clear and the results will not be long in coming!

Aquarius: a month of love!

Dear Aquarius, February will be a truly exceptional month for your sign, the all-time favorite of 2021! Starting from day 1, the planet Venus will enter your sign: this conjunction will give you a lot of luck in terms of feelings. Love will be the real star of this month, and even the most disillusioned among you will be able to dream again! Excellent news will also arrive in the professional sphere: with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the sign it will be difficult for anything to go wrong. The only sore point: Mars in Taurus, which takes away some energy.

Pisces: let yourself be surprised!

Dear Pisces, in this month of February your sign will perhaps miss some more "sparkles": the risk will be that of demotivating you because you will not immediately see the results you have been waiting for ... Be patient, the month of March will have great ones in store for you surprises! In fact, starting from day 25, the planet Venus will enter your sign, and then love will become the true protagonist of your days. Until that moment, don't stop looking around: not all loves are born with great love at first sight, someone might leave quietly and then surprise you ...

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