Sweet good morning phrases: the most beautiful to dedicate to start the day in the best possible way

How many times rather than hearing "good morning" would you have preferred not to see anyone and continue to sleep comfortably in your bed? You know, waking up is often a "business, but sometimes waking up can be almost pleasant. In fact, the good morning said by the right person is very special, anything but annoying, despite the desire to continue sleeping.
Before discovering the sweetest good morning phrases to dedicate, don't forget these little tricks to start a new day in the best possible way!

Sweet good morning phrases: start the day with love

We said it: the good morning that comes out of your special someone's lips has a completely different flavor. If the phrases with which he wakes you up are among the sweetest, the whole day takes a completely different turn. Here are some beautiful phrases, the best images to dedicate to your love to make the person with whom you would like to wake up every day appear an early morning smile!

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Funny good morning phrases: the best to start the day well!

Goodnight phrases: quotes and thoughts to dedicate to those you love

I wake up and continue the dream, another blank page of our life to be written together. Good morning love.

Every ray of dawn
take by the hand
your night dreams,
the most beautiful.
and lead them to reality.
Ancient Tibetan wish

Every day you make me fall in love with something: a detail, a new mole that I discover on your body, a smile, a look, a thought, a dream. Never cease to amaze me.

You are the most beautiful phrase in my favorite song. Good morning sweetie.

The first greeting in the morning is given to special people. Good morning love!

You are the first person I think of in the morning. I dream of the night. You are all I want. Good morning love!

You don't know what it means to wake up every morning with the hope of meeting you somewhere ...
I would like to be the scent of coffee that wakes you up in the morning. The first thing that puts you in a good mood, the first thing that makes you smile. Good morning my love!

Good morning beautiful eyes, are you ready to give me your wonderful smiles again today?

Good morning my love, tonight I dreamed of you once more, and believe me when I tell you that I didn't want to wake up anymore!

You are the only "want" of all my "wishes." Good morning love!

Each day is different from the other, each dawn brings with it its special miracle, its magical moment, in which past universes are destroyed and new stars are born. Good day my love!

I would like to wake up, turn around, find you, start loving you while you are still asleep. Bring you breakfast, kiss your forehead and say "good morning my love".

I couldn't have received a more beautiful good morning than the one you gave me with your smile this morning.

I love you not for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you. Good morning my love.

You are my first wish of the day as soon as I wake up, and my last thought before falling asleep. You are with me in every moment, in every breath.

The only thing I need to always start the day well is your good morning my love ...

I will caress your sweet face with a freshly blossomed rose petal and I will whisper romantic words of love to give you my good morning.

The sun lights up the day, but you light up my life. Hello my darling!

The most beautiful good morning is always what your smiles give me. Thank you love.

The best thing is when I wake up and think of you loudly and in the meantime I get a message from you.

A "good morning" is nice, but a "good morning love" is another thing.

Sweet good morning phrases: the shortest to dedicate

For those who do not like to use excessive words, especially in the early morning, these short sentences are the most beautiful, perfect for wishing a very sweet good morning in a short time, enough to make the person who receives it feel loved, appreciated and special. Aphorisms, in fact, give sweet images, just as if the person who is dedicating them were next to the one who receives them!

I want to be your good morning, for life.

I would like to stop time just to watch you sleep and admire you for eternity.

The best alarm clock in the world is your kiss. Good morning with all my heart!

Sometimes a "good morning" said by the right person is enough to start the day well.

When you wake up with the wrong moon, call me I'll bring you the sun.

I do not have time to wake up that you are already in my thoughts. I love you!

Good morning! The world is not of the one who gets up early, it is of the one who gets up happy to get up.

I am everything I am, because you are everything I want. Good morning my love!

Tonight you were my best dream and this morning my best thought. Good morning love!

I want to be your favorite person, the one you need to hear first, to start the day.

And I am writing to watch you while you sleep, to talk to you without waking you up.

Sweet good morning phrases: the voice of the authors

There are times when, to say the right thing, we need those who live on words: writers. Authors of all genres, in fact, can bring us the right inspiration to use the best words for the eventuality. Wish a sweet good morning with the quotes and aphorisms of these authors!

Those smiles you send me in the morning make me what I am.
Fabrizio Caramagna

It all comes down to the last person you think of at night, that's where the heart is.
Charles Bukowski

I hope not to disturb… It was just to say good morning!
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Letters to a stranger

As soon as I wake up, I say your name in my head and fate also smiles at me.
Fabrizio Caramagna

You are everything I've always been looking for, even before I knew what I was looking for.
Emma Chase

Every time you look at me I'm born in your eyes.
Jorge Riechmann

The only thing you have is the love you give.
Isabel Allende

The best time of day is a person.
Fabrizio Caramagna

And remember that I think of you,
that you don't know but I live you every day,
that I write about you.
Charles Bukowski

I dreamed of you last night, but I don't remember what. I have a vibration left in the awakening.
And when I open the window it's not to let out the night, but to let you in.
Fabrizio Caramagna

The cheeky happiness of saying "hello" to you every morning.
Marina Tsvetaeva

The first words you should say to those next to you when you get up every morning are, "Good morning, I love you." The last words you should say every night are, "Goodnight, I love you".
Denis Waitley

I must have dreamed of you last night because when I woke up the bed was intact.
Fabrizio Caramagna

You do not know it but there is someone who as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning already has you in his thoughts and you remain there until the evening until his eyes close again.

I would like to be the air that lives in you for a moment, just one. I would like to go unnoticed but you need it.
Margaret Atwood

You say you love me, but with a smile
cold as a September dawn ...
Oh, really love me!
John Keats

Like when you wake up and find the colors you wanted, the horizon you were looking for and the right light to dance in someone's heart.
Fabrizio Caramagna

Someone asked me to describe you and I told him about the instant before dawn when the flowers open and have huge hearts.
Fabrizio Caramagna

Love is when you can't sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
Dr Seuss

Sweet good morning phrases: give the right motivation!

Often all we need is someone to tell us: come on, you are there! And in the morning, when often the desire to face all the tasks of the day is missing, this motivation is essential. Reconcile the right charge with the sweetness of these phrases, quotes and aphorisms to wish a good day in the best possible way!

To those who wake me up every morning with a smile, to those who can make me laugh, to those who can protect me from fears, to those who can dry my tears with a kiss, to you my love, good morning, and thanks for existing!

You are the first ray of sunshine that crosses my room, the first positive thought of the day: good morning!

I send you a sweet kiss wrapped in a thought. I am sending it to you to wish you a warm good morning. A kiss from someone who has never stopped thinking about you.

You should wake up every day with:
a kiss from your loved one,
the cuddles of the dog and the purring of the cat,
the adrenaline of good news,
the pleasure of coffee
and something funny that makes you smile.
Lucrezia Beha

Every morning when I wake up, the first thought is you. You are what gives me the energy to live. You are my reason for living.

I would like to impose the good morning message with a law, it's too good, it's like "I opened my eyes and you were in my thoughts".

It's always good morning when your heart wakes up.

Being in love with you is the reason why getting up is worth it. Good morning sweetie!

Last night I dreamed of you and I couldn't wait to wake up to live my dream.

Today and all my days would be the same if you weren't there to make them special. Good morning my love!

The days should start with a hug, a kiss, a caress and a coffee. Because breakfast must be abundant.
Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts

The two of us having coffee, me handing you sugar and you sweetening my heart. Here, this would be a good morning.

Thanks to your presence every day of mine has turned into a good day! I hope your days are just as good ... so, good morning honey!

Open your eyes and look at the sky, my good morning is written for you illuminated by the sun.

It is true that a good day starts in the morning: the first thing I saw this morning was you!

You are everything that makes me a happy person. Good day my love.

With the coffee on the bedside table, I left a sweet message of love to wish you a good morning with all my heart, love.

Single life is beautiful but good morning love doesn't fight every morning.

Sweet good morning phrases: say it with the right song

Music comes to our rescue when we don't find the right words, and this happens in every moment of our life - song lovers know this well. The images that are born in our head or in front of our eyes when we listen to a melody are unique, and thinking of being able to donate them only with the wish for a good day is simply fantastic! Also to dedicate the sweetest good morning to the person to you think of as soon as the morning comes to usher in a new day: here are the right songs for you and music lovers!

You are my first thought that wakes me up in the morning
The last wish that lulls me into the night
You are the deepest reason for my every gesture
The most incredible story I know.
Max Pezzali, Here you are

Love for you cannot be written on a piece of paper. It is sung in a song, but in the meantime it leaves me breathless. As beautiful as a newborn sun.
Elisa, Love for you

You make me feel good you make me feel good and I never get tired of being well. You make me feel good, you make me feel good. You seem like the dawn of a world that is us.
Biagio Antonacci, You make Me Feel good

I want to go back to adore you there while you were biting the Cornetto. Your red Atala bike that you pedaled only barefoot with your fingers full of sand. My melancholy is all your fault.
Thejournalists, End of the summer

Love me like the earth, the rain, the summer. Love me as if I were the light of a lighthouse in the sea. Love me without a tomorrow, without hurting yourself. Now love me after us there is only the wind that takes love away.
Emma, love me

But if you wake up and you are still afraid give me your hand again, what does it matter if I fell, if I am far away ...
Fabrizio De Andrè, Supramonte hotels

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