Coronavirus: how to address the topic with children

The Coronavirus caught us all off guard. We thought it was a distant evil, which never, ever could touch us and, instead, in a short time, here it is, influencing and radically upsetting our lives. There are those who make alarmism (wrong!) And those who, on the other hand, declare themselves immune from any concern. But in all of this, how are the children? How do they live this situation? What do they think? Taken by thoughts that are too big even for us, we risk losing sight of the feelings of our little ones who, despite their age, are often able to understand more than we can imagine.

Some tips at the suggestion of Telefono Azzurro

In this regard, then, the Telefono Azzurro intervened, whose president Ernesto Caffo declared that “explaining to children what is happening with a clear language and free from sensationalism is possible”. The association has taken care to provide some guidelines on what should be the most suitable ways to introduce the topic and explain it to children and adolescents. Before starting the discussion, it is good to make sure that you have sufficient information, but above all, correct, drawing only from reliable sources. Then, it would be advisable to avoid an overload of notions that could generate confusion, anxiety and, consequently, fear. Patience is the virtue of the strong, so arm yourself with this if you are inundated with questions and, when answering, try not to go into too much detail. Also, do not forget to monitor their behavior, being alert in the face of sudden manifestations of anxiety, be they psycho-somatic reactions or unusual behaviors. What matters is to try to mitigate their possible fears, making you see yourself present and following, all together, the preventive indications illustrated by the Ministry of Health.

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A comic to empower, while having fun.

The Italian Federation of Pediatric Doctors (Fimp) has also taken action in this sense, creating a comic that illustrates the 7 rules on behaviors and hygiene rules to follow to avoid contracting the virus. Paolo Biasci, President of Fimp, announced that the illustration will be available in over 7,000 medical offices to face the situation with optimism and a pinch of creativity, which children cannot and must not do without even in delicate situations like this. .

Here, however, you can read some tips on how to manage the closure of schools if you are working mothers.

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