8 tips for choosing your seat on the plane

When you are about to spend 12 hours locked up in a plane you have every right to feel a bit of apprehension; you want the annoyance of pressurized air, you want the dry climate, the cold (or the heat), the difficulty of stretch your legs and not exactly wide spaces ...

Not to mention the possible disruptions such as flight cancellations, baggage that does not arrive at its destination or simple delays. In this regard, look here how the inconvenience caused by a delay has been solved in China!

To limit the suffering on board, we have compiled a ranking of tips to get to your destination, if not rested, at least not destroyed!

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1. Sit towards the back

Choosing a seat in the back rows can increase the chances of survival following a possible plane crash. Of course, better not think about it, but it's good to be a little foresighted. To say it are the studies conducted; so if you have a choice, stay in the back.

2. Choose a front left seat if you want to get off quickly

Another "other of the most annoying things about the plane" is that when you land you have to wait an endless number of minutes before you can get off. To halve the wait, sit in front on the left. Unless there are double exits, the secured one is placed right next to that position.

3. Sit by the window if you want to sleep in peace

In this way you will be able to rest your head also sideways without risking waking up due to the inconvenience of the position. And you will still be left calmer even if you just want to read a book or listen to some music. On the corridor side, you are also often annoyed by people passing by and bumping you involuntarily, but inevitably.

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4. Sit up front to be served first

If the journey makes you hungry or out of boredom you spend the time between snacks and drinks, sit in front to be among the first to be served and not have to wait too long. In addition, the air in the front seats is less dry than in the rest of the plane, which means that you will be able to enjoy the food even better.

5. Choose seats near the side exits for more space

For more space in front and to be able to extend your legs more freely, choose seats near the side emergency exits. Some companies charge a premium for these, others will easily award them if they are still free.

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6. Sit at the height of the wings to avoid turbulence

In this point of the nacelle the turbulence is less noticeable. In this way you will avoid "dancing" with every jolt of the airplane.

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7. Look for seats with free seats next to them

Most of the planes are not full when they leave. If you get into the cockpit among the last you will be able to easily identify the remaining empty seats and choose where to position yourself. Alternatively, you can check-in at the last moment and choose your seat by checking that the one next to it is also free.

You will avoid situations like this ...

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8. Try the stroke of genius

If you enter the cockpit last and to go to your seat you have to go through the business class and find a free seat, you can always try with kindness and some coaxing (preferably a steward

) to let you do the category change for free. Nothing changes for them, but your plane trip will certainly be more enjoyable!

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