The 2019 choker trends to wear immediately!

After years of absence, the choker models are back stronger than ever and with revisited models: from the vintage 90s to the delicate and elegant models, these are the 2019 choker trends that cannot be missing in your wardrobe! and how to wear them like the stars!

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Where does the choker come from?

Believe it or not, but the choker has been a popular accessory for centuries! According to many ancient texts, this necklace was popular with women since antiquity. It was then revived in the nineteenth century as an exclusive accessory for high society women. However, not all chokers were worn as elegant pieces: the models with shades of red or black, for example, were synonymous with prostitution and wearing them was absolutely forbidden to "family women".

In 1900, chokers returned to high fashion thanks to Queen Alexandra. The Queen of England loved this type of necklaces to hide a small scar in her neck. Then they had a big, glamorous 1920s moment when they were revisited in baggy, silver, super sparkly designs!

Despite its constant presence in the history of fashion, the choker is, in the "collective imagination, a typical accessory of girls and young women of the 90s and early 2000s due to its extreme popularity and accessibility, since they were previously worn. from women of high society exclusively. Now, with the strong return of the nostalgic 90s, fashion re-proposes looks with fragrances like Britney Spears, Rachel Green and Carrie Bradshaw. How not to want to dive into this trend ?!

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What are the different types of chokers?

Good news for those who like to change their jewelry: the choker exists in a "wide variety of materials and styles. From classic velvet models to the most important in gold metal and the most romantic ones filled with small pearls, this is a type of necklace for bold women, who are not afraid to wear trendy jewelry and have a special passion for sexy looks.

How to choose your choker?

First, it is very important to choose which style you like best. Chokers are usually important pieces that people can easily remember, so it's important to have a design that matches your aesthetic preferences.

The ideal model for rocker girls

For passionate women with more aggressive looks and "dark", a black leather choker with a small pendant or a silver chain are the models that can best suit your outfits. For an evening look and more important, try to use more than one at a time.

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The model for romantic girls

The references of romantic inspiration are clear: the chokers in small pearls (buy on Amazon for € 9.10) or with delicate chains plated in gold or silver guarantee the refinement necessary for such a model you are also free to find some model with small delicate pendants.

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The model for refined women

A refined and elegant choker requires a minimal, simple design and a slightly higher investment, because a product with an impeccable design must necessarily have a well-designed anatomy made with high quality materials. If your budget is a bit tight, you can go for 925 silver pieces that are cheaper and don't sin in quality.

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And the lovers of the 90s?

It is obvious that we cannot leave out the protagonist of the 2019 choker trend! The 90s style models are obviously the trend that everyone wants to use, but most of the time they find it a bit difficult to combine it with everyday looks. And we're not talking about the usual tattoo-style plastic chains, because these are a lot around! The truly daring model of this season is the Paris Hilton choker: wide, with rhinestones and a lot of sparkle! Ideal for a party look. Do you want to know how to wear it? Just look at the trend setter who popularized it:

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