Wedding anniversaries: all names and meanings

A wedding anniversary is the perfect time to relive all the emotions that characterized one of the most important days of your life. The most distracted circle it in red on the calendar so as not to run the risk of forgetting it (another time!) While the most attentive and romantic get ready weeks in advance to give their partner truly special attention!
There are endless possibilities to celebrate your wedding anniversary together: the ideal would be to find something romantic and special, tailored to your story. Just like these two spouses did who gave themselves something they have only dreamed of for 60 years!

Wedding anniversaries

Everyone celebrates the wedding anniversary in their own way. There are those who prefer to spend it with their old friends to relive the emotions of being the center of attention for a whole day, those who love to involve their children in this celebration and those who instead take advantage of it for a romantic getaway for two on the other side. of the world. If your wedding anniversary is approaching, the first thing to do is to remember it, the second is to dedicate a very special thought to your partner. And you are short of ideas let yourself be inspired by our love phrases, perfect to dedicate and dedicate yourself to on such a special day to hit you straight to the heart!

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What are the years of marriage called?

Some wedding anniversaries are very famous, think of the silver wedding or even more coveted ones, the golden wedding. What you may not know is that every anniversary has its own particular name and specific meaning. They range from cotton weddings to oak weddings, passing through silk, ivory and steel weddings! In short, there are so many curious and strange names: by continuing to read you can find out which is your next stop and maybe organize special themed celebrations!

The idea of ​​naming anniversaries

The years spent with the person you love characterize the bond that unites you and represent steps forward and achievements of your personal journey of love. The tradition of naming the most important anniversaries originated in Germany during the Middle Ages. This is why the writer Emily Post, back in 1922, came up with the idea of ​​associating the name of a different material with each year, starting from a common and widespread material, such as paper, up to the most coveted and rare materials, platinum, gold, diamond. Emily Post in her book “Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home"He also gives us a long series of tips on what to give yourself year after year, the gift obviously must be combined with the reference material of the anniversary even if within the ranking there are also a series of milestones (10 years, 25 years and 50 years ) in which the writer advises the bridegroom and bride to repeat the celebrations and renew the marriage vows.One last recommendation: there is a gift to avoid every year and it is pearls. In fact, it seems to represent the tears of the spouses!

The most important stages of marriage

10 years of marriage: the tin wedding
10 years of married life are the first small goal. Celebrating is a must, and indeed this anniversary deserves something more special. You can repeat the religious ceremony or organize a small reception with friends and relatives. In the same way, if you feel the need to dedicate some time all to yourself, choose a distant destination and treat yourself to a nice trip to note among the best memories. Ah, and the children with their grandparents!
25 years of marriage: the silver wedding
Twenty-five years! Your wedding is already something precious, see in fact how the material that characterizes this date is becoming more precious and rare. For the 25th anniversary, every celebration will be silver in color, even the confetti. Something silver and shiny shouldn't be missing at the table and maybe a special gift, like a new wedding ring to honor the certainty of being
40 years of marriage: the ruby ​​wedding
Celebrating 40 years of marriage is a great achievement! Only a true and passionate love can last for many years without being affected by life. The color of this important anniversary is naturally red, to be mixed with white.
50 years of marriage: the golden wedding
The 50 years of married love mark a very important moment in the life of every couple. It is not for everyone to spend half a century under the same time. Celebrating is a must as well as renewing the vows of marriage. Don't forget: every decoration must be characterized by a gold thread!
55 years of marriage: the emerald wedding
Emerald, a splendid stone rich in green reflections, is the stone that symbolizes the 55th anniversary of marriage. The color that will characterize the party will be emerald green and the perfect gift can only be a jewel with an emerald!
60 years of marriage: the diamond wedding
The color of this anniversary is white that must be used for each decoration, for the flowers and possibly also for the bride's dress who will renew her vows. A diamond on your finger is a must!
75 years of marriage: the platinum wedding
A truly challenging and difficult goal to reach is the platinum wedding that is celebrated 75 years after the day of one's wedding. Rare and precious like platinum, they are the right occasion for a classy celebration!
80 years of marriage: the oak wedding
The symbol of this very important anniversary is a majestic and centuries-old tree. A real record-breaking achievement ... symbol of infinite love!

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