How to recognize fake friends

"No good without a friend gives us joy."
Lucio Anneo Seneca

The phrases and aphorisms of the great authors on friendship are so many. Everyone knows the saying, finding a friend is a real treasure, but how do you understand when that person is really sincere with us? In the life of every woman, a friend honest and loyal by your side means knowing that you have an ally for difficult moments, ranging from love issues to complicated family and work situations, and a perfect companion for fun occasions. However, it doesn't always work that way: jealous, opportunistic, melodramatic and even the "eternal absentees" are some of the many types of fake friends you can meet at least once in your life. Sometimes, recognizing them is simple, because they immediately reveal their worst flaws. In other cases, it is certainly more difficult, especially when we are already fond of them. So how to do it?

Below, we will explain the 5 identikits of fake people whom you come across too frequently and you can also find phrases by the greatest authors who have dealt with the theme of friendship. Before continuing, however, remember to show often to your best friend as much as you care about her: after having met so many false ones, having her, a real one safe harbor in which to take refuge in the darkest times, is an invaluable gift. Here's how you should make her realize how important she is to you:

The Opportunist: Friendship is not one way!

If she has a problem, you must always be there: she breaks up with her boyfriend and you are there. She has problems with her boss at work: you join her at home for dinner and try to cheer her up. Then, she wants a fun night out and, even if that wasn't really your plan, you join in too. Conversely, you may find yourself in the most dire situation of all and she, somehow, would have something more urgent to do. sometimes a friend can't be there for us, but when all this happens all the time, then no, it's not true friendship, it's simple opportunism. In fact, she doesn't care about your mood or anything else. She just loves herself and it's a fact.

To such a person, you can remember one of the most beautiful quotes:

«You recognize a true friend immediately, he makes you laugh even when you really don't want him, if he asks you how you are it dissolves even the saddest thought and, just being in his company to feel special.
This is a true friend, the one who transforms your life into a special life! "
Stephen Littleword

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The melodramatic: having fun doesn't hurt!

It is true that a friend recognizes himself in times of need. However, with friends we confide in each other, sometimes we can even cry, but episodes of pure fun must never be missing. Yet, with some friends it may seem impossible. In fact, once you go out and one of them tells you about her health problem. On another occasion, the subject of your - or rather, his - conversation will be a turbulent matter of love. At the third meeting, maybe you will talk about a complicated situation at work or in the family, why not, maybe even both. In short, in the end your outings are nothing more than a series of her monologues, where she only talks about her problems, from the most serious to the absolutely most insignificant ones. Besides, organizing something different with a friend like this is really complicated: afraid of going out of hers comfort zone, maybe that of his house, nothing will ever go well. All this, in the long run, will get tired and this will make this friend a "false friend, to whom many phrases can be dedicated, such as:

"Friendship improves happiness and breaks down unhappiness by doubling our joy and sharing our pain."
Marco Tullio Cicerone

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L "absent:" Do you call me or not? "

You call. You write. You organize your (few) outings always and only you. We agree that the most stressful and hectic moments can happen to everyone, when the time available for ourselves and our friendships is greatly reduced. However, this situation cannot occur continuously: if so, it is because this alleged friend in reality is not such. A person of this kind loves to be desired not only in love, but also in friendship and you will always be the only one looking for her. Is it worth it? In our opinion, but not only, no. get inspired by this saying:

"We don't need the help of friends as much as we need the certainty of their help."

The egocentric: in friendship is there at least two or not?

An "egocentric friend resembles, in some respects, the opportunist" and is the overturning of the "absent". When you meet and start a conversation, usually the scene is this: you talk about your problem or any other topic and she responds by nodding absently, sometimes she utters a faint "yes, I understand", "it's as you say" or " I don't know what to do, you see. " After, however, when she begins to tell her something, everyone's attention must be focused on her person. This happens not only in a dialogue, but, in general, in all moments of friendship, especially if in the company of others. people. A friend like this is not only false, but also devious: being friends is synonymous with comparison and comfort, not to excel one over the other.

Here is one of the most beautiful phrases on this topic:

“I don't need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does it much better. "

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The envious: the worst kind

It is inevitable, in life you have some "enemy". Precisely for this reason, the last thing we need is a "friend to" row "against us when, instead, it should be our first ally. Unfortunately, there are so many false friends of this kind and almost every woman has known one: they cannot be happy, not even smile, of our goal, whether small or large. Or, they will try to show off a smile of circumstance and make us believe they are happy for us, but at the first opportunity they will say the fateful phrase "but I did ...". What does it mean? It means that this person envies you and is trying in some way to belittle you and then excel over you. Such a friendship could not be more false.

"Remember that a friend will always be happy for you if you are happy ... Envy exists only in the hearts of those creatures who do not know how to accept your happiness. And they're not your real friends. "
Sergio Bambaren

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With this long line of fake friends, we absolutely didn't want you to stop believing in friendship, quite the opposite! True friendship exists and there are so many examples. Here are all the most beautiful phrases about this wonderful and precious human relationship, which you could dedicate to your best friend:

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