Woodsound is a registered trademark of acoustic and decorative absorbent panels.
Made of fiber boards that can also be fireproof (classified M1), they are installed in ceilings as well as in vertical walls and are ideal for enclosures such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, theaters, … or any space that requires an acoustic treatment .
Woodsound has developed a wide range of acoustic panels in which slots and / or perforations are combined, allowing the choice of one type of panel or another depending on the desired acoustic absorption needs. It presents its panels in melamine, varnished veneer, or lacquered in any color thus establishing a wide range of decorative possibilities. It also incorporates an acoustic veil on the hidden side of the panel, in order to obtain an optimum degree of absorption.
Woodsound achieves rapid and efficient installation with its panels, and its design is designed to guarantee assurance of assembly. Thanks to its perimeter machining, the assembly of a recordable roof with a rigid frame of support is obtained that facilitates the work of maintenance of the installations that can hide.

Woodsound is a registered trademark of acoustic and decorative absorbent panels.

Discover all the Woodsound absorbent panels:  Woodsound acoustic panels.

Woodsound wood acoustic panels are manufactured by::


Acoustic panels

In order to install Woodsound panels two aspects must be considered:

-Level of acoustic absorption


Perforated and slotted (mix)



-Types of finish

  •  Melamine
  •  Is highly resistant swing to its component
  • Varnished wooden board
  • Wood as a noble element that speaks of quality and well-being
  • Lacquer of any colour from the RAL range
  • The combination of colours gives an appearance which is modern and different.


600 x 600 mm    1200 x 600 mm
Other dimensions on request

Woodsound Acústica, S.L.

Woodsound Acústica, S.L., is a leading, innovative company which has for more than 30 years been dedicated to the realization of all kinds of work in wood.

For the performance of its activities, Woodsound Acústica, S.L. has a qualified and experienced staff consisting of some 30 workers, and  has premises which are located in Barberà del Vallès, in the province of Barcelona, with a total surface area of 1,700 m2 including workshop and offices.

The essential criteria upon which this company has established its commercial strategy throughout its history are; quality, as attested by the ISO 9001:2001 certificate, and customer service.

The company finds itself immersed in a constant process of innovation and for its evolution it has an R & D department charged with researching new products and assembly systems.

Thanks to this policy, Woodsound Acústica, S.L. has managed to put together a significant portfolio of clients, including architects, engineers, constructors and designers from all over Spain, due to its considerable experience in installations in:  Auditoria, rest homes, meeting rooms, restaurants, houses and flats, commercial premises, franchises, hotels, offices , etc.